The eBay Affiliate Program Can Crush Adsense

Let’s face it, Google Adsense is a pain in the butt! If you spend any time in affiliate forums at all, every week you hear some sob story about how someone got banned because they didn’t follow the terms of service or Google alerted them as to the placement of their ads or other such stories. Like anything else though there are those that seem to be able to get away with just about anything. Just look at the Adsense spam sites out there and you know Google is giving special attention to some.

It’s also a pain because you never know what you’re going to make. I’ve seen my Adsense income go from $70 a day to $20 a day in the same week. That’s not very consistent.

But that’s not the focus of this post, the eBay affiliate program is. I’m an affiliate of probably 100 or more merchants and the eBay affiliate program is the best program to be in by far. For some, eBay eclipses what  they earn through Adsense. It would be great to not have to deal with Adsense and have eBay be my primary money maker as Adsense now is.

Why is eBay so great? Because they have an incredible commission structure. For the US based program you get an amazing $25 per new sign up and a minimum of 50% of eBay commission on sales. If you don’t think people still sign up for eBay you may be shocked to know that 80,000 sign up per day. Yes, that’s right, eBay has 80,000 people join their site per day! All you need is a very small cut of that to make a good living.

The eBay affiliate program works well because everyone loves to buy something on eBay. Most people who shop at other ecommerce stores spend huge amounts of time researching their purchase online and then they might go buy that product from a physical store. Not so with eBay. The auction format encourages people to want to shop and win that auction. You know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever purchased anything on eBay. It’s the eBay auction fever that gets you every time. And that’s what makes being an eBay affiliate so profitable.

Sure there are tons of little $1-$5 items that sell on eBay by the millions that wont make you any money. The trick is finding products to promote that are in high demand and have a high final ending price. I typically look for items that sell for between $500 to $1000 at auction close. The US based eBay site has more than 23,000 categories so I’m sure you can find a niche to fit into whatever you are already doing on the web.

This is the first notice here. I’ll be coming out with an ebook one day that will have info on how to find those products and how to promote them.

That’s all for now. More on the ebook thing later.


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  1. hmm .. ebay also have an affiliate prog? i didn’t knew! thx for sharing 😛 i’ll join now 😀

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