Google Adsense Bludgeons Its Publishers – Not!

Google Adsense ClickzonesGoogle Adsense Clickzones

As reported by JohnChow.com and originally on ProBlogger.net as of Nov 15th the folks at Google Adsense have made the clickable portion of their ads smaller by a huge degree. As you can see above, the title and the url are now the only clickable portions of Adsense as opposed to the entire area around the ad.

Many people are lamenting this change and finally throwing in the towel with respect to using Adsense as a source of revenue for their blog or websites. Bloggers such as John Chow are commenting that this new change will “bitch slap” your earnings and many of the comments on his post about this reflect that same sentiment.

I’m taking exactly the opposite outlook as I believe this this will eventually turn out to earn publishers more money. Here’s why: when I run an Adwords campaign I never use the content network option and I’m assuming many smart Adwords advertisers don’t either. Why, because the traffic and conversions are just plain crappy. Even though you can have different, and lower, bids on the content network, the traffic is not as quality as when people searching for specific keywords through search engines. That’s why I only target Google’s search network when running Adwords. It’s hard enough making money with Adwords!

The whole point of Google making this move is to benefit their advertisers which in turn will eventually benefit those that use Adsense as a revenue stream. It will work out this way because if Google can provide a better value to its advertisers there will be more money for publishers in the form of more cash per click and more advertisers willing to use the content network. It might take six months or so before the word gets out that Google’s content network might actually be a good value again, but it will eventually happen. Heck, I might even start using it again.

By the way, I haven’t noticed a drop in my click-thru rates at all since Google reduced the size of the clickzone on Adsense. Really, the only people who have to worry about this are those that run made for Adsense sites or people who are purposely trying to trick others into clicking on their ads.


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