Great Idea, You Should Have Build A Website Yesterday

Procrastination is the death of many a would be internet entrepreneur. I don’t know how many people I come across that tell me they’d like to do something on the web someday. Well, most people are doing something on the web, they’re surfing it. But unfortunately that won’t make you any money.

If you have a great idea for a business on the net, then you should have built a website for it yesterday, or last week, or last month. To start getting serious traffic to a website or blog is normally a six month process. In other words, you can’t even begin to judge how well a site or blog will do unless it has been up and running at least for six months. It takes that long to get indexed by all of the search engines, build a loyal readership and start getting inbound links.

With that said, you can see why it is important not to procrastinate on the web. When newbie site builders do this and then finally get around to getting something done, they tend to expect immediate results. When that doesn’t happen they get discouraged and give up.

I know people who have been talking about building a web site for more than 2 years now and if they would have started their site long ago and put up 20 or so pages, at least they would have something and a couple of years on the maturity of their domain. Domain maturity is another factor in the success of a website. The age of a domain is something Google looks at when indexing a site and the older sites get priority in some respect over newer domains.

And usually people who procrastinate aren’t that serious in the first place. Don’t talk about doing something on the web someday because someday will never come.

Start building your web empire today. In fact don’t wait another second, start right now!


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4 Responses to “Great Idea, You Should Have Build A Website Yesterday”

  1. Fully Agree! I buy a domain almost instantly the day or week I think of an idea. That is my reminder. It might sit for a year before it gets developed. If I have even 22 minutes of extra time, I’ll slap up a single page with proper meta tags and descriptions and content about what the site is intended to be.

    Meanwhile Yahoo takes it’s six months to index my single page. But when the site goes live, poof!, I already have a pagerank of 1 or 2.

    And so what if I end up dropping about 1/3 to 1/2 of all domains I purchase after a few years. It’s worth it.

    As a web developer, there is nothing harder to explain to a client that previously did not own a domain name that no matter what I do, and no matter how wonderful their site is, that there is going to be a dry spell before traffic starts picking up. They could throw a few hundred bucks at AdSense each month, or somehow get 50 friends with quality sites to link to them (not likely in the case of a dog trimming salon with a 50+ year old owner who has never heard of Facebook and thinks MySpace is a porn site), or else they wait.

    But the clients that have that crappy 1999 Frontpage site up with a terrible tables-based layout actually have a huge advantage over the guy starting fresh. Might seem unfair, but that’s internet life!

    So, folks, listen to Alan and buy those domains today, slap up a ugly page with a few paragraphs about what your website will do (one day), and then call a pro web developer when you have time and money and get the dream going! Or try it yourself first. But don’t wait! Waiting is throwing money into the wind. Or, more accurately, the gutter.

  2. Yup- I slept on a site that I wanted to start simply because I wasn’t ready to build it yet. Back when I had the idea I checked for availability- and it was available. A few weeks ago I decided to register it, and wouldn’t you know? The .com of it was taken… by one of those “ad only, no content” sites. Grrrr. I only have me to blame though.

  3. Think. Act. Think Again, Even Bigger. Don’t spend your time thinking too much, or you will end up with a situation like wordvixen.

    That’s the meaning of the expression “cease the day” in Internet Marketing.


  4. You are the man! I agree so much man, just do it! Again, like your post about over analysis, just doing something is better than doing nothing!

    Keep up the good work dude!

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