Are You Geared Up For Cyber Monday?

Even though I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for 4 years or so, this is the first Cyber Monday coming up that I will really be prepared for. Most of the last 4 years I’ve anticipated its arriving by doing absolutely nothing, other than just hoping what I had done so far would get me through and there would be some money made. It normally doesn’t work like that.

In preparing for Cyber Monday I’ve installed a new Build A Niche Store on a gift site I run and on a site that has local information about the city I live in. I’ve also put up more than one hundred classified ads at USFreeads.com dealing with all sorts of Christmas and gift giving type stuff. No that’s not a lot of work done to promote the Christmas buying frenzy we will hopefully see online on Monday, but it’s significantly more than I’ve ever done before.

Supposedly many online marketers earn as much as 10% of their entire years income in a single day on this special shopping day for online buyers. For me that would me I should earn $2,400 tomorrow. While I don’t think that will likely happen it certainly could. I have the content and infrastructure set up in my online businesses to make that a definite possibility. It sure would be great if it happened.

What I will do is report on exactly how much I made from Cyber Monday commissions and post that probably on Wednesday giving it enough time to get all the commissions posted to all the affiliate programs.

Of course, it won’t be the end of the world if this Monday turns out to be a flop because there are still 30 more shopping days till Christmas as of today!

Merry Cyber Monday,


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