Is Cyber Monday Affecting CJ Reporting?

It seems as though Commission Junction is a bit delayed in reporting commissions this evening. Not only that, but their click reports are several hours behind as well. Most of the time they also have the previous days earnings posted by 9:00 pm.

I usually get around 150 clicks  to CJ merchants a day and by 9 pm I’m showing 75% of those clicks, but as of this post around 11 pm Eastern time I’m only showing 32 clicks. More than likely this is because of a buying frenzy all over the net today being that it’s Cyber Monday and CJ is having a hard time running its regularly scheduled reports.

I’m sure it’s not because people aren’t clicking through on my sites as my Adsense impressions are already equal with what they were for all of yesterday. Adsense usually runs about 3 to 4 hours behind so I should be getting impressions reported for 5 more hours. Right now my Adsense clicks are close to record earnings for 24 hours.

All this to say Cyber Monday is shaping up to be a good day.


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One Response to “Is Cyber Monday Affecting CJ Reporting?”

  1. Looking forward to your report on monday’s sales.

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