There’s Always More To The Story – YouTube Viral Videos

My wife and I have a saying that goes, “There’s always more to the story.” We began saying this in our MLM days with EcoQuest International when we couldn’t seem to figure out why some dealers did so well and others couldn’t get off the ground. We came to find out that many of the big time dealers were doing things the average air purifier sales person didn’t have the funds or time to do such as set up call centers, buy thousands of leads and call 500 people a day.

The same is true with much of the hype about making big money online and many of the other so-called viral things that happen in the world of internet business. Case in point is the truth behind many of the videos that show up on YouTube and go insanely viral. I came across a post today on TechCrunch where this guy explains how he takes your average funny or interesting video and turns it into a viral sensation that gets from 100,000 to 1,000,000 views.

Sure, there are videos that just happen to get a million views because all the providential forces in the net universe come together and a sensation is created, but after reading the above mentioned post, I believe most viral YouTube videos have more than a little clandestine marketing behind them.

Which brings me to Digg, StumbleUpon and Propeller. I know for sure many of the top stories on these social bookmarking / networking sites are actually helped to the top. I was introduced to a little tool, or more like community, where you can post a story and have other people Digg or Stumble it when you Stumble or Digg their stories. Do I have a problem with that? Not in the least! Unfortunately Digg, and and my least favorite, Reddit.com are the two most cliqueish social networking sites around. I can’t post anything to Reddit and ever get more than 2 or 3 positive ratings, even if my finds are very interesting and closely related to other front page stories. My stories always get buried.

So I guess when you find a tool like the one I use to Digg, Stumble and Propel my stories and pages, you should exploit it to its full potential. Am I going to tell you what it is? No, but just remember…

There’s always more to the story.


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