Why Would Anyone Be An Apple Store Affiliate?

Apple Store Affiliate ProgramThe Apple Store affiliate program is a joke. When joining affiliate programs one of the most important things to look at is how much you’re going to get paid as a percentage of a sale. So how much does Apple’s affiliate program pay? A mere 1%. And if you make $8,000 in total sales for the month they will bump it up to 1.5% and if you manage to increase your sales to $16,000 per month you get another .5% increase bringing your total take to a whopping 2% of sales. Big deal.

Come on Apple, you act as though you guys aren’t making any money! This has to be the stingiest affiliate program on the net. I know Steve Jobs salary is only $1 per year to run the whole shebang at Apple, but us affiliates out here would like a little more.

I wouldn’t be ranting and raving about this except for the fact that I got a nice form letter at CJ from the Apple affiliate manager asking me to join their program. I deleted it after reading their terms…and then I got a second personal email from said affiliate manager acting as though he was perplexed as to why I wouldn’t want to join. It’s the 1% payout dude. I’d like to get more than $4 for selling a $400 iPhone.

And you know what? You can.

If you join the eBay affiliate program, open your own Apple affiliate store and end up selling that same iPhone you will earn $6.75. But that’s not all, eBay also pays you $25 for new sign-ups and I get around 1 new sign-up for every 125 people that go to eBay through my sites. And it gets even better when you find out that the average iPhone sells for around $500 on eBay and an unlocked iPhone that you can use with any mobile carrier sells for $550 to $600.

And yes, it just keeps getting better because eBay raises their payout by 20% when you reach the $5,000 sales mark instead of Apple’s $8,000 tier.

So, let’s break this down. If you sell $5,000 worth of iPhones through the Apple Store affiliate program you will earn $50. If you sell that same $5,000 worth of iPhones by driving traffic to eBay you will earn $55.80 and I can guarantee you will have a few sign-ups at $25 each in the process. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the best deal here, now does it?

That brings me back to my original question. Why would anyone want to be an Apple Store affiliate?

PS – If you want to build your own eBay affiliate storeselling Apple iPhones or anything else you can find from Apple on eBay, you should check out Build A Niche Store.

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6 Responses to “Why Would Anyone Be An Apple Store Affiliate?”

  1. Good point. :) Great job with your BANs store! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for writing about Apple’s affiliate program and the incentive percentage — not many people have.

    Anyway, my incentive percentage is set to go up (lovin’ those sales!) but do you know if Apple’s incentives go up and stay up?

    Like once I hit 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% and more, does it stay at those rates — or does it revert monthly back to the lower level like Amazon Associates?

    I’m hoping and praying it stays up — then it would be worthwhile.

  3. I was thinking of becoming an apple affiliate, but your recommendation made me think it over. I will go and check eBay out first then…

    Thanks for the post!

  4. ★★★★PAULA NEAL MOONEY: Can you redirect Apple Store customers from Google Adwords straight to the Apple Store? I think so…★★★★

    I’ve made nearly $1,500 so far as an Apple affiliate — mainly from one blog post.

  5. I was thinking of joining.
    Now I see 1 percent and I changed my mind.
    That is stupid on Apples part.

  6. Well, I’m assuming the marketing department probably wanted an affiliate program, but steve jobs thought it wasn’t really needed since he can sell without us small fries. Probably the pathetic 1% commission was a compromise since otherwise steve would have said no.
    Most corporate decisions are stupid based on egos like that.

    Very bad decision for Apple though.. Amazon will eat them for lunch.

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