Cyber Monday Began On Sunday

My promise to post earnings for Cyber Monday probably won’t happen until tomorrow because there seems to be quite a delay with CJ updating their stats. I still don’t see any earnings posted for Monday at the time of this post, but I do have earnings posted for Sunday and they are fairly good.

Sunday’s earnings were right at $100 in Commission Junction, $35 in Adsense revenue, $13.75 at Azoogle Ads and we sold a Vegan Meal Planner from our Healthy Diet website¬†for $17.97. So that brings the grand total for Sunday to $166. I can say that I had a pretty good Adsense day at $54 on Monday, but that’s all there are updated earnings for.

Cyber Monday Adsense earnings:

Google Adsense Earnings

The reason Cyber Monday started on Sunday is because Sunday is¬†always one of the best shopping days online. Being that the Thanksgiving Holiday was winding down and you put your dear Aunt Mildred on a plane back to Kentucky and won’t have deal with that for another year, it was time to go shopping online.

You may not know this, but for you eBay sellers, the best day to end your eBay auctions is on Sunday evening between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm Eastern time. The worst days to end your auctions is on a Thursday or a Saturday evening. I can attest to this in the way I see my Adsense income go up and down during the week. Sunday, Monday & Tuesday are definitely the best earnings days with Google and Wednesday & Thursday are my lowest earnings days.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will get a report for Monday’s earnings from CJ and I’ll report that here.


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