Complete Honesty About Cyber Monday

When you write a blog entitled Affiliate Confession it’s probably a good idea to be completely honest. That’s why I’m letting you know the hype about Cyber Monday didn’t translate into affiliate riches for one affiliate marketer, namely myself.

As reported in a previous post Adsense income on Monday was $54, but unfortunately my CJ commissions were only $19. We did sell another Vegan Meal Planner at $17.97 so at least I can add that to the total. So the total comes to $91. That’s better than my daily average for the year so far, but not what I expected. That’s the way the affiliate game goes.

However, there were 106 clicks to eBay on Monday and that’s good news because eBay auctions don’t necessarily end on the day of the click-through. Once someone goes to eBay they can bid on anything and you have 7 days for them to win an auction. You also don’t get paid your commissions from eBay until the auction winner pays for the item, so it could be several days after you receive clicks before you see any benefit.

A better overall look at affiliate selas would be to take stats from the whole Cyber Week Sunday through Saturday which I will report on sometime next week.

So, that’s the Cyber Monday report. I just keep doing what needs to be done…


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