November Affiliate Income Report

Here we are at the beginning of December and as I report my affiliate earnings to the CFO of our house (my wife) I’m also going to start reporting that info here on the blog. Now, this will be income for all of my affiliate programs, not just for this blog. It would be hard at this point to be making anything off of Affiliate Confession since I don’t have any advertising on it, except for a few affilate links in individual posts. Advertising will show up on this blog after a loyal readership is established in a month or so.

Anyway here are my affiliate earnings for November 2007:

Google Adsense – $1,150.81
Commission Junction – $876.63
Meal Planner Ebook – $119.00
TripAdvisor – $79.83
Auction Ads – $12.00
Azoogle Ads – $27.50
Clickbank – $246.51
Total Revenue – $2,511.78
USFreeAds costs – $43.00

Net Earnings – $2,468.78

It’s hard to nail down the total amount of traffic over all of my sites and blogs because there are some sites that don’t have Analytics or Adsense on them so there aren’t any page view stats. However, I can estimate.  Total page views for Adsense this month were 74,759 and if you add another 30% for pages without any tracking I’m assuming total page views around 100,000 for all sites. It would probably be a good thing to be a little more accurate on that.

Tomorrow I’ll break this down to some individual merchants so look for a post on my recommended money makers. Of course at the top of those will be the eBay affiliate program.


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15 Responses to “November Affiliate Income Report”

  1. $2,468.78 … congratulation. Even thought it’s only 10% of what John Chow earn for the month, but 100 times what I earned.

    BTW, your blog name is Affiliate Confession, how come your main income is from AdSense?

  2. I grabbed the domain name because it was a good one and I get about 10 people a day that find me for the term affiliate confession

  3. Alan,

    I’m new here. How many blogs/sites do you operate to generate this income?

  4. Hey M,

    I haven’t done an official count but it’s around 25 websites and 25 blogs. But some of them don’t do more than a few dollars a month just because I don’t have time to keep up with them.

  5. Thanks.

  6. I find it interesting that you are using commission junction to generate your biggest (affiliate) income.

    It seems most of the top guys are using CPA offers like Azoogle and NeverBlue. Do you put more focus into CJ than Azoogle? or are your conversions just better?

    BTW, im brand new to this game, so any information is helpful!


  7. I make the most affiliate income from CJ because that’s where eBay is run through. I put more focus into CJ because I think most of the offers from Azoogle are scams. Those eBay kits that you see ads for, cost the buyer between $49 & $69 per month. Nobody needs to spend that kind of money learning how to get started on eBay.

  8. Cool, thanks. Iv also noticed that the Azoogle and NeverBlue ads seem to be all kind of scams. Its hard for me to find a single one that I would actually participate in myself, but maybe thats just because im a long time internet user.

    I have a question about the Ebay affiliate program. If you dont mind answering, do you do well on a per conversion basis on Ebay? or do you need to make a large number of small conversions? The reason I ask, is that it seems to me, even though commission at ebay is around 40%, that Ebay themselves dont make much money on listing fees for single auctions, and hence as an affiliate you would make even less. Is this something you have found to be true?

  9. Good eBay question. Having success with the eBay affiliate program is all about the right niche. It’s my understanding that at the first tier you get 50% of all the revenue eBay earns from an auction. That would include listing fees and final value fees. So, obviously you would want to go with higher priced items in your affiliate niche.

    I’ll expand more on this in an upcoming post.

  10. I had to laugh when you said you get a lot of hits from searches for “affiliate confession”- your blog title is exactly why I followed the link from ProBlogger. I’m considering starting up an affiliate site and have been looking for good information on doing so. I certainly appreciate all the information you’re providing. Thank you.

  11. You are welcome wordvixen, thanks for commenting.

  12. […] CJ check, which is kind of hard to read, is off a bit from what I reported on my November earnings because of the way eBay pays its bonuses and I think there was also some late reporting involved […]

  13. […] the total commissions go up $50 or so but couldn’t see where that came from for 2 or 3 days. Last month’s reported CJ earnings turned out to be almost $100 less than actual when I received my affiliate check so we’ll […]

  14. I think CJ is better than google adsense. What is your view

  15. Wow,

    I just started using US freeadds so it’s something to aspire to. Like it says on their site, it’s really about persistance and writing a decent ad.

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