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You don’t have to get to a very high level in Commission Junction before you start getting inundated with offers to join every kind of affiliate program you can imagine. I think once you pass $200 to $300 per month some switch goes off somewhere at CJ. The emails from affiliate managers roll into my email box at the tune of about 3 to 5 per day and most of them are ridiculous because they aren’t even related to anything I’m doing. I used to keep a folder of affiliate offers I was considering for further review, but because there is only so much time and at this point I pretty much know what works for me and what doesn’t, it’s rare if an offer stays in my inbox for more than 30 seconds.

One of the most important things you can do as an affiliate marketer is to stay focused (I’m still working on that) and only work with the programs and merchants that are going to produce a return for you. Once you get established in a few niches unless you get offers that are very closely related to what you do best, it’s a waste of time even bothering to check out other programs.

With that rambling here are the programs that have worked for me and have a consistent return or that have a solid base and will be around for the long haul.

My top recommended affiliate money makers in order of importance:

The eBay affiliate program– You knew this one was coming because I’ve posted on it before. If you want to make money on the net, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t belong to the eBay affiliate program. There isn’t a niche in the world that eBay doesn’t have a product category for. What are you waiting for?

Google Adsense – Yes, dealing with Google can be a pain in the butt, but they are still one of the top ways to make money on the web. It would be nice to not have to deal with them, but no one should turn down free money.

Build A Niche Store – The best way to take advantage of the eBay affiliate program. You can build a store around any one of eBay’s 23,000 categories in the US or 80,000 categories in all of the countries BANS supports eBay through.

Apartments.com – You can make $10 per lead for someone just filling out a contact form at Apartments.com. I’ve had some difficulty converting lately, but this could be a seasonal issue. Most affiliate marketers don’t like to give away their top money makers, but there are millions of keywords and niches for apartment rentals. A simple search will reveal several untapped markets for apartments.

Clickbank.com– There are a lot of ripoff products at Clickbank, but there are also some great products that you can make a bunch of money off of. Clickbank.com is a repository for any and all kinds of digital products such as ebooks, recordings and opportunities to work at home. You can make huge commissions mostly between $25 and $100 for helping sell products through Clickbank. Some people make millions with them, I’ve made a few hundred dollars. Do your research here.

Sell Your Own Products– That’s right, if you are ultimately going to be successful on the net, you must develop something of your own. Whether it’s WordPress templates or ebooks or other information or services you have to brand yourself. Some of our products are The Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner, my wife’s Christian Counselor’s Forms Tool Kit. We are working on a relaxation recording for her counseling business as well that’s scheduled to be out in the next week or so.

I hope this helps you focus and get some ideas of your own.


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5 Responses to “Top Recommended Affiliate Money Makers”

  1. It will be nice to get some movement in the CJ account. Nice looking on the apartments link. I think that it probably would be seasonal a bit. I am into housing and it is definitely seasonal.

    Is anyone making anything off the amazon book reader? It is supposed to give a nice percentage from what I have read and doing a review and posting a few affiliate links would have been good to do a few weeks back…

  2. I haven’t checked into the Amazon book reader. Haven’t had much luck with Amazon. I think I’ve been with them for 3 years and we’re getting our first $100 check, but I don’t promote it that much.

  3. […] doing some testing on switching out one of my top recommended affiliate programs because of poor performance. Ever since Apartments.com changed their landing pages to have a […]

  4. Thanks for sharing. Good List of suggestions. I think I have made $100 with Amazon in 4 years! Goal for 2008 is to get $100 in the year!

    Is there a build a niche store solution for amazon I wonder?

    Happy new year.

  5. I think I’ve seen something similar for Amazon, but it’s not by the same guys that put together Build A Niche Store.

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