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Jeremy Shoemaker went to PubCon this week and won’t be back until Friday so he asked for bloggers to submit guest posts. I thought this was a great opportunity to have a chance to be published on a major blog so I sent in an article.

Fortunately my post about our haunted toilet was chosen to run on his blog on Tuesday. It was pretty exciting to go to Shoemoney’s blog Tuesday morning, load it up and see that it was there front and center. The post was about how you have to persevere through sometimes nagging trials to get where you want to go.

All you can do is try to take advantage of opportunities like this when they come about. If you read the major internet marketing blogs and follow their flow, once in a great while you will get the chance to submit some work and you should always take advantage of it if you can.

Thanks goes out to Jeremy for making the opportunity available. Cheers!


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3 Responses to “Guest Post On Shoemoney.com”

  1. Did you see a spike in traffic from the post on Shoe?

  2. Loved the article! Glad you had a chance to Guest Post. You’re right though, about perseverance it’s so important to not let things go, and make sure things are running right (no pun intended) as I am always running into glitches here and there in programs I am making or sites I am running.

    In the end, I always find the fix, of course it might take a bit of ranting and raving and the wife and kids leaving the house, but usually by the time they get back I have everything fixed and am glad I stuck to it!

    Ron Killian

  3. Thanks Ron!


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