How To Get The Most From EntreCard

EntreCardI wasn’t going to implement EntreCard on my blog until I had designed my own card which I had intended to put off for a couple of days. However, after signing up the other day, in just a few short hours I had people already waiting to advertise and traffic coming to this blog from EntreCard. I decided to quickly design a logo and check out what EntreCard is all about.

The concept is like a traffic exchange program, but much better. You earn points for visiting other people’s blogs, when people visit your blog and drop their card, by letting people advertise on your blog and then you can use those points to advertise on other people’s blogs. It’s being billed as an electronic business card exchange system. What are you going to do when someone hands you their business card and it has a website on it? If you are half way interested in what that person is doing, you will visit their website. Now imagine a top blogger like Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.net handing out business cards with your url on it and you get the potential of EntreCard.

Once you sign up you go to your Dashboard and fill in the details about your blog. You can then use the default designs to create your 125 x 125 pixel business card or design your own and upload it. You will definitely want to create your own card because the default cards have text on them and only the parts of the card without text are clickable. I don’t know if this was intended or not, but it is annoying when you are trying to click through to someone’s blog and can’t find a place to click. Design your own image and the entire logo is clickable.

You can then start earning points immediately by visiting other people’s blogs and dropping off your card by clicking a link on their EntreCard logo. You earn one point for dropping off your card and you also earn points when others drop cards on your blog. 

I though it would take some time to earn points because you only get a single point for visiting someone else’s blog. However, when you start adding up the points earned from your visitors and advertisers, your points add up very quickly.

Buying Advertising

Once you earn enough points you can then start advertising on any blog in the system that accepts your ad. There are several categories and you will of course want to stay within closely related categories to your niche. The great thing about this system is that you can advertise on major blogs like John Chow and Problogger if you have enough points. The more traffic a blog gets the more it costs you in points to advertise. Major blogs can cost over 100 points to advertise for a single day. You also earn points when others advertise on your blog.

EntreCard Campaign Dashboard
EntreCard Campaign Dashboard

To buy advertising, go into the Campaign section of your interface and click on a related category to your niche to view available blogs and cost to advertise. The trick to buying advertising and having it be a good deal is to look over interesting blogs and make sure you visit that blog to see where they place their EntreCard widget. If their widget isn’t within one sidebar click of the fold, then I won’t advertise on their blog. Some bloggers place the widget very near the top and on some you have to look for it. If you have to look to find a widget, so will potential visitors. It doesn’t matter how popular a blog is, if you can’t find the widget, you won’t get any traffic.

I also do a quick check to see how many back links a site has and maybe even a look at their Alexa ranking to get a judge of the traffic they may be getting. Sometimes you can find a high traffic site with good widget placement for around 20 to 30 points. At least right now at the beginning of this deal, these seem to be the best sites to advertise and spend your points on.

Also, advertising only lasts for one day so make sure you time advertising for most trafficked days of the week. Friday and Saturday are slower times of the week for surfing the web. Sunday evening all the way through Wednesdays are traditionally high traffic days. Plan accordingly.

EntreCard is very easy to understand and easy to implement on your blog. To be totally honest I just don’t get a lot of Web 2.0 stuff and social marketing. I truly can’t see the point of time wasters such as Twitter. I don’t want to tell people how I’m feeling when I’m supposed to be working, “I’m working, leave me alone!” However, EntreCard is immaculately well though out and easy to use. The interface is clean and very intuitive. What convinced me was how quickly you see traffic and points start to add up even after using it just a couple of days.

EntreCard Dashboard
EntreCard Dashboard

If you aren’t using EntreCard on your blog, you’re missing a great opportunity to get traffic and to see what else is out there in your niche.


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8 Responses to “How To Get The Most From EntreCard”

  1. Awsome post, I’m not using EntreCard on my blog yet, but I sure will in the following days.

    I’ve just been reading about it a few hrs ago, and now I just saw your article about it, quite a coincidence :)

    Anyways see you around


  2. Thanks!

  3. I finally signed up since I’ve seen everyone talking about this, already I’m seeing some clicks from it. Thanks!

  4. I think you will see some pretty good traffic from it. I’m seeing about 25 to 30 clicks a day from EntreCard and I’ve been with them for about 4 days now.

  5. I signed up with Entrecard at the beginning of December and have definitely noticed an increase in traffic.

    Many people say that the traffic from Entrecard is not good traffic because most just visit your blog and look for the entrecard widget.

    I figure that if I even get one out of every 100 visitors to stay and subscribe, or become intereste in my blog, then I’m better off then before.

    Entrecard beats many of the so-called traffic generators..ahem blogrush…ahem hands down.

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  7. I’ll give it a try… Thanks for the information

  8. hmmm. very interesting. I’m finding out, though, the internet, especially a blog scene, is pretty much dominated by males. It’s kinda hard to find my own place on it. Also, my niche, ballroom dancing (sports dancing) is probably too narrow to take advantage of this. My primary audience is older (middle-aged) women who are not really computer/internet savvy….

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