What’s The Deal With AuctionAds?

What is going on with AuctionAds?

I don’t have any statistics at all for the month of December and a couple of days this week my url links weren’t working. Their blog has also been offline since the first of the month and just goes to a blank page.

But that’s not the worst of it. I emailed support several times and have never received a reply. A month ago or so I set up a page to list specific auctions and sent traffic to it via PPC through Yahoo Search Marketing. The issue was that whenever I would check the page, completely irrelevant auctions would be showing to the keywords assigned to the widget and I would have to refresh the page a couple of times to get the proper auctions to show. When I alerted support to the problem all I got was no response. If you are going to run a business such as this, customer service is a top priority.

I just read a post over at Zac Johnson’s blog where he tells of his falling revenue over the summer months with Auction ads. He earned $1,728 in June with over 10 million impressions and 55,000 clicks and in July with those same 10 million impressions again his clicks dropped by more than half and his earnings were cut exactly in half. I’m guessing because his widgets were showing irrelevant auctions.

I’m guessing this may be the end of AuctionAds since their blog has been down for almost a week now. It doesn’t take a week to fix a blog. Too bad, because it looked like AuctionAds was going to earn a few bucks for me and others. Also, I was a beta tester for ShoppingAds an offshoot of AuctionAds and their stats haven’t been updated since the first week in November. And now when you go to log-in you get a blank page.

The most disappointing thing about this is that I have several ads running on a classified site with traffic going directly to eBay and now all those links will have to be updated. Unfortunately that’s the work sometimes affiliates are faced with.

I just checked before I posted this and saw that I did have some revenue for this month, but not any stats. Maybe something is happening.


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  1. Both of these programs just stopped working for me completely. I think Showmoney stuck it to media whiz big time when he sold AuctionAds

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