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Build A Niche Store is a tool I use to help maximize the potential of the eBay affiliate program. So yes this is a review that contains my affiliate link, but at least it’s one where the writer (me) actually uses the product. I don’t want to go off on a rabbit trail here, but the way many of the Clickbank guru’s make money online is by doing reviews for Clickbank products they don’t own. I own Build A Niche Store (BANS), have built 7 or 8 sites with it and it’s my biggest single money maker outside of Google Adsense.

I’ve said it several times before what a great opportunity the eBay affiliate program is and I had been reaping the benefits of it since before I even knew about BANS. When I came across BANS I had already been using a script named CaRP which is an RSS to HTML converter. CaRP allows you to take advantage of eBays RSS feeds which are found at the bottom of every search you do on the site. However, when using a script such as CaRP you must hand build every page. BANS however, allows you to build a complete website in about 15 to 20 minutes.

You must already have a hosting account (I use 1and1.com, you must have UNIX hosting), a domain name and be a member of the eBay affiliate program and once you have your copy of BANS, installation is very simple. All you have to do is upload the BANS files to your domain via ftp and follow the instructions, choose your eBay category, plug-in your PID from Commission Junction for your new domain, click Set Up and you have a new website with a few or more than 1,000 pages depending on the categories and niches you pick.

BANS is fully customizable and comes with 9 templates that you can tweak via CSS or if you are savvy enough you can design your own template and just put the necessary tags in the correct places. You can adjust everything in your BANS store to suit your liking and style. You can change the number of auctions that show on the pages of your BANS store, you can add customized search pages for very specific items, you can change the layout of how the auctions are displayed, you get to upload your own logo and tweak many more parameters so you have your custom store. It really is so simple a low IQ caveman could do it.

Every page on your site gets necessary header info such as titles and meta tags via eBay so you will want to add your own titles and change the meta info, but this info will at least have you started and some of your pages will get indexed in Google very quickly. I have additionally added H1 tags and a paragraph or two of text to each individual page of my sites to give them their own unique spin. You should also add a few to several articles related to the niche you’ve chosen to give your readers info about your topics and so the search engines see that there’s something to your site.

Can You Make Money With BANS?

Well, that all depends on how much you are willing to work to promote your site and the niche you are in. Here is a screen shot from CJ on my best performing BANS website last month:

BANS CJ Earnings

The example above is for a store that is only two months old as of the date of this posting. I’m not revealing the url of this store but here is my BANS travel auctions site and a toys and hobbies site I added to an already existing gifts site.

As you can see, at least for me, the answer is yes you can make money with Build A Niche Store. BANS is one of the first products that has really live up to it’s billing. I’ve found BANS to be very search engine friendly and have seen several pages on new sites get indexed in Google in only about 6 to 7 days.

After spending 2 months building a eBay computer affiliate store with the CaRP script, Build A Niche Store is like an answer to prayer. In the time it took me to build my computer store, I had 5 BANS stores built and had paid for the initial $97 cost of the software many times over. If you can’t make money with BANS and the eBay affiliate program, you might not want to quit your day job.

If you want more info on Build A Niche Store you can check it out here.

However, if you can wait, you just might win a free copy of BANS that I’m giving away in a contest starting tomorrow.


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55 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Review”

  1. Its funny you post this, I just bought BANS yesterday! I can’t wait to get it started.

    One note id offer to prospective buyer is to make sure you have a UNIX server. I have a Windows server and it was a Pain in the ass to get working. I actually ended up just canceling my windows hosting and bought some UNIX hosting.

    Im in the middle of a server switch now, but once that is done I have 5 domains i already own that will work well with BANS.

  2. Thanks for pointing out you need UNIX hosting. I’m going to add it to the post.

  3. […] and most importantly, that you can actually make money with it as an eBay affiliate. (you can see proof in this post.) In fact I’m so thrilled with BANS and just to prove that I believe BANS can make you money, […]

  4. […] Build A Niche Store is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for anyone who wants dynamically show relevant eBay auctions on their site. You make money when your visitors click through and either create a new eBay account or make a winning bid. Note: You will need to sign up for a publisher account at Commission Junction to start generating affiliate revenues. For an excellent review, see what Alan has done using BANS. […]

  5. Ok, I think you are saying you need a UNIX server to run BANS, is that right? If so, how hard is it to get BANS working on a Windows Server as I currently have a dedicated Windows server, and I would like to stay on that.

  6. You will need to have Linux/Unix hosting according to the BANS FAQ’s:

  7. I wish you would post some more details about your BANS sites. Like – are you paying for any advertising to bring traffic to them? Can you set up unlimited pages, sub-pages, categories, post new information – etc? How many sites have you had to setup to get the kinds of commissions you’re talking about?

    I looked at BANS and it just seemed like the sites it cranked out were ugly, nasty, kitchy, non-googly, garbage. The worst of it was none of the URL’s were no-followed so it was a setup for a big google-slam anyway for having too many affiliate links. How could a site like this rank better, sell better, or make more money than a constantly posted to WordPress blog with original content using an eBay WordPress plugin nofollowing the links and not directly pointing to eBay at all (with excellent SEO)??

    Maybe there’s something in the new version – I just want to know if you are investing additional money into promoting your BANS sites to sell them or if you money comes all organically. Maybe I’ll have to check out BANS again, because the first time I saw it I hated it.

  8. JTPratt, Read this post:
    where I go into more detail about how I get traffic to my sites, including BANS sites.
    I don’t pay for any advertising right now and have maybe spent $20 to $30 in PPC without much success. Article writing, some classified ads and reviews posted on the BANS site itself have helped a great deal. Version 3 of BANS is scheduled to be out soon and will redirect all links back through the site rather that go dorectly to eBay.

  9. I recently started usiong BANS fopr my affiliate site and found a hoping increase in the sales. I find this script really works if people add it with good marketing

  10. Very nice post Alan. I was going to buy BANS, but now that I have a chance to win a copy, I’m going to hold out a little bit longer — cool…

  11. I am really interested in this and will be researching more on it. I can’t wait for the rest of your posts on BANS! Thanks!

  12. Hey Andrew, Sorry, but the contest is over.

  13. I’ve been thinking about purchasing BANS, but now I’m going to subscribe and check out your contest. Good job selling me on BANS, I think you have the marketing stuff down.

  14. I just realized this post was on Dec 10th. Never mind about the contest. :smile:

  15. Hi there Alan.
    Reading your posts has made me realise how much I still have to learn….I don’t even understand the blogging language yet!!
    Nonetheless your posts indicate that there is room to make money through affiliate marketing and blogging on the ‘net, so I’ll keep working at it.
    And I am so glad I heard about entrecard…what a great way to meet other like…..and not so like…..entrepreneurs!!
    I’ll be back back for more.

  16. Where else can I read up on BANS? This sounds very intriguing.

  17. Just read around the blog, there’s plenty of info or click through to the BANS site.

  18. I have heard of this before and now that you mention it I think I might check it out, thanks for the tip. I will be stopping back by for sure.

  19. Very good review, I’ve been looking into it myself.

    I’ve subscribed and dropped card :)

  20. Now that eBay is dropping CommissionJunction.com as an affiliate, will the BANS still work? Or will modifications be needed?

    I’m going to buy a few BANS once I know it is compatible with ebay’s decision to drop CommissionJunction.

  21. unTECHy,

    Don’t worry about BANS being able to work with the new eBay affiliate program, the developers are already on top of that and it will only be a couple of file replacements.

    Oh, and you only need to buy one BANS, you can build as many stores as you want once you get the software.

  22. Thanks alan,

    Do you know if BANS has been updated to run with the new EPN?

    Is there an easy fix to updating old bans stores to accomodate the new EPN?

  23. So how do you primarily drive traffic to these websites?

    via search?

  24. Hey Chris,

    Traffic comes from unpaid search 95% by getting links through article marketing & some ads on USFreeAds.com. I’ve tried a little paid search, not with much luck.

  25. unTECHy,

    Yes the EPN update is available for all versions. Get your Clickban receipt and go to:

  26. I though BANS cost a thousand bucks.

  27. bloggista,

    Heaven’s no, it’s only $97.

  28. Ohhh, I know how great this product is. DOne some research. I am going to participate in your BANS sponsorship contest. :-)

  29. bloggista,

    Not sure which contest you’re talking about, the BANS one has been over for months now.

  30. Thats a details article
    But can you suggest, how to market those BANS sites ? SEO or PPC ?

  31. It seems like you are doing well for BANS. Quite interesting. I have read some other site but, they don’t seem to earn that much commission in a month. How you get all the traffic?

  32. Asia’h,

    I get traffic from many sources, article marketing, links, seo, USFreeAds.com classifieds and other places.

    Car planet,

    Most of my marketing is done through good content and article marketing which makes for good seo.

  33. BANS is an easy way to set up your own store… you could be earning some pretty great commissions if you market it carefully :)

  34. Hi,
    I also have a portfolio of 3 BANS store, it was nice to see your review on BANS.

  35. I’d read about BANS few months back, but it is quite expensive in my local currency. I’m sure will wait your competition. 1 stumble for you

  36. I’m looking forward to your contest :) :)

    I have heard rave reviews from others on BANS so I am really tempted to try it soon.

  37. So, is it this BANS worth to make money in a rush?

  38. This is not the first time I read about BANS. It’s always some proof.

    I do admit your proof is very impressive. It’s real and it’s $508.12 which do mean profit after deducting the cost of buying the BANS package.

    I will try to learn more of your successes.

  39. So this what ebay niche stores are, there has been a lot of buzz lately about BANS sites, never paid too much attention but after reading your post I think I am getting a hang of this whole BANS thingy, thanks for the share

  40. Has anyone tried Datafeedr.com? It does alot, but the price is monthly. Would it be better to just invest in BANS? Datafeedr has a great affiliate program, as you can see from my link. They offer recurring per sale. I’m trying to make enough so I can subscribe myself to their service, it really looks good. Check out the videos on their site and let me know what you think. And if you’ve used BANS, please let me know if you think BANS is better, as right now I’m feeling like datafeedr is superior.


  41. My BANS sites haven’t had as much success lately, since Google made some changes. It’s not that Google has something against BANS, but I think Google wants a site to have more than just product listings that link to eBay. I plan to add some articles and expect that to change Google’s view towards my BANS sites.

  42. Please BEWARE!! Make sure you are accepted as an EBAY Partner Affiliate before you purchase BANS. Like myself, I spent the money and time building the site and applied after the site was built and I was rejected by Ebay Partner Network!!!!

  43. If you are rejected by the Ebay Partner Network, just use PepperJam. In fact, with PepperJam, some have said you make more money (slightly higher payouts). PepperJam has a direct relationship with the Ebay Partner Network. PepperJam is also easy to use.

  44. I recently started usiong BANS fopr my affiliate site and found a hoping increase in the sales. I find this script really works if people add it with good marketing

  45. Oto, I agree. Like you said, the key is to enhance your BANS website with good marketing. Like any website, it should have useful content (like articles) and backlinks to do well in Google.

  46. Car Planet: You can market using SEO and PPC. BANS sites do well for SEO, especially when you add some content to the pages (something beyond product details that are automatically generated). PPC could be good, but you would want to track your RIO to determine how much to bid for keywords in PPC. For tracking, tracking202.com and prosper202 are great.

  47. I thought PPC would be useless since ebay don’t process sales after 7 days and then you can’t check if you made sales via SEO or PPC.

  48. Hi,

    I really appreciate the great info on this blog!!.. One question Do you prefer Bans over Storestacker?

  49. Alan like to follow the BANS, can it work just having 1 site?will it suceed?please response

  50. I have been reading your BANS stuff and it has helped me tremendously.

  51. Ari, BANS can succeed with only one site. In fact, from Google’s perspective, one good site with a lot of content is better than many small sites. I suggest starting with one BANS site.

  52. Great article. Thanks. I’m new to all this and this has really helped.

  53. I am kicking around purchasing this software, and this review is pushing me in the direction of purchasing. Thanks for all the info.

  54. I have been thinking ato buy BANS for a while. Thank you for your honest review about them.

  55. Hi Alan,

    Do you use paid traffic or free traffic for BANS, i will try your method then,thx for sharing.

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