What Is That? Uh, It’s A Salad

Don't Get Worked Up, It's Just A SaladTaking our weekly break from the rigours of affiliate marketing we start with a funny title. The title comes from a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner we had at my last employer, BellSouth, which is now the new AT&T. I used to be a graphic artist in another life, designing Yellow Pages advertising all day, but just like my other life, that’s another story.

Anyway, at this dinner it was my duty to bring the salad because that’s about 70% of what my wife Jean and I eat on a regular basis. I thought it would be the easiest thing to do since we make them all the time. As we were setting up to eat I came in with my salad and the boss looked at what I had in my hands and then looked at me and said, “What is that?” to which I quizzically said, “Uh, it’s a salad.” What was just another salad to me was some sort of foreign looking concoction to my boss, of the likes she apparently had never seen. She asked if their was a recipe to this magnificent creation she was beholding and I said again, “Well, no, it’s just a salad.”

So the day before yesterday I had a salad for lunch pictured in the photo above. It may appear to be something different than the usual iceberg lettuce, tomato and onion salad you get at the strip mall Italian restaurant. Yes, there are a few more ingredients, but it’s just a salad none the less.

So what goes into one of these uber salads you may be wondering? Here’s a list of ingredients for the one in the photo:

Fresh green leaf lettuce
Cherry tomatoes
Kalamata olives
Sweet onions
Green peppers
Red peppers
Shaved almonds
Raw corn shaved off the cob

And the dressing consisted of a sprinkling of:

Braggs Amino Acids
Organic taco sauce

There’s your recipe. And remember…

It’s just a salad.


PS – You can check out a bunch of healthy recipes right here.

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