A Little Tweaking On The BloggingPro Theme

Sorry if any of you have experienced some rather bizarre and very unaesthetic looking pages in the last couple of days. I’ve been tweaking a few things on the BloggingPro template used for Affiliate Confession and things have gotten a little out of whack at times.

I discovered after putting a link at the top, outside of the sidebar that the footer was resting just below the bottom of the sidebar and the comments section was completely hidden. I know just enough about modifying a template to completely destroy it, so when things go haywire, I freak out. I think the problem was only with IE 6 users, of which I am one, because everything looked fine in Firefox.

Luckily I found that the original BloggingPro theme had been upgraded to a widgets ready theme back around March of this year. I spent the evening installing that and put widgets in the sidebar and it appears that everything is back to normal.

I’ve also installed┬áthe top commentators widget so now those of you that comment frequently can get a link back to your site.┬áSo comment away! Yes, I know I’m at a PR 0 now, but I should get a page rank soon because Affiliate Confession is nearly 2 months old (at least the domain is).

Thanks for your patience. Such is the way of finicky technology.


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3 Responses to “A Little Tweaking On The BloggingPro Theme”

  1. Hey, any advice for getting a 160×600 adsense block in the right side of the sidebar? Mine won’t display!

  2. Jagdu,

    Hey you must be tweaking right now as I’m writing this comment. I saw that you had an error on your individual post pages and I was thinking it might be because you didn’t have your Related Posts plugin activated, but it looks like you got it fixed.

  3. Alan, thanks for the quick response. Looks like I need to wait for Google bot to index the page and figure out what ads to display. I thought it was already done since I was displaying multiple ads and it knew what to display for the other ads. Thanks again!

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