No Traffic? Maybe Your Blog Needs An Attitude Adjustment

Get An Attirude AdjustmentHow much traffic are you getting to your blog? Not enough is always the case because every one of us could at any time use more traffic. But if you aren’t getting enough traffic to make your blog work, maybe you need to adjust your attitude a bit. I’m not talking about your basic writing attitude, if you have your own style please keep it, I’m talking about your attitude towards your blog and your audience.

If you’re writing your blog just to make money, you are going to fail. I’ve had to remind myself of that on a daily basis because as with most of my other online businesses, their sole reason is to make money. Blogging however, is different. If you read many of the top blogs about how to make money online, most of the writers weren’t actually trying to make money when they started.  I remember reading on Shoemoney’s blog that he had no intention of earning anything when he started. It was just going to be a hobby. He just started writing about what he was doing online. His blog is now one of the most popular in his niche.

In most of the other websites and blogs I run, all the writing is focused around how to get the best SEO results (of which I know little) out of the content being written. I’m constantly thinking, how do I fit in this keyword phrase, what’s Google going to think, boy it would be great to be on the first page for this term and so on. I decided when contemplating this blog and what it was going to be about that I wasn’t going to do any of that. This is still a challenge for me.

First and foremost my attitude was, forget about Google, I’m going to write as if Google didn’t exist. I found that my thinking about online business has become clouded with constantly thinking about the big “G”. If you remember writing for your English or Communications teacher in school, Google wasn’t even a factor, you wrote to please your teacher and hopefully gain some writing skills. I decided I would do the same with with Affiliate Confession. Instead of trying to please Google, try pleasing your readers.

Affiliate Confession is about the experiences of a full time affiliate marketer (myself) and what it takes to make $2,500 (and hopefully more as time goes by) per month online. It isn’t about getting these posts to rank first in Google so you will click on my ads. I figured one of the best ways to gain credibility is to be completely honest with my readers and write for them not the Google algorithm.

You also have to watch out that you aren’t just writing your blog to pitch your affiliate program. If you’ve read any of the sales pages on the so-called Internet and ClickBank gurus money making programs, it seems as if they have an almost magical quality to get you to hand over your credit card to them. You then buy their ebook because you want to discover unknown web secrets only to be disappointed, but are promised that in the next ebook you will learn even bigger secrets. It’s a perpetual sales job.

What about your blog? Is it a perpetual sales job. Probably no one reads it because you are chasing them off with the constant pitch.

Maybe it’s time for an attitude adjustment.


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10 Responses to “No Traffic? Maybe Your Blog Needs An Attitude Adjustment”

  1. Seems like a lot of people that are in it just for the money eventually burn out.

  2. The $1000 Affiliate Experiment is my first web venture that I am NOT trying to make money with, and honestly, its a lot more fun that way!

  3. Yes, I’d agree when your sole purpose isn’t to make money, it makes things a bit easier.

  4. What the? Didn’t I tell YOU this about two years ago? How dare you. And now you preach it to others….. aaarrrrggh!

    Oh, well, that’s the price of being an evangelist for blogging. When someone finally takes your advice, they suddenly become more fanatical than you were to begin with. And they don’t even give you credit.

    At least I give Steve Pavlina credit for being the one to convert me to the idea of blogging for myself and others – not for money.

    But I forgive you, my padawan learner. Plus, I think this is your best blog ever. I fully believe you have wild success with it beyond your craziest dreams and that you will one day buy me a new car to thank me, so it should come back to me.

    What I really wanted to comment about was the horrible picture of that nasty looking cat. Talk about bad attitude. Yuck. Put that flea-infested disease-bearing animal back in your stock photo collection. I thought you were a vegetarian. Don’t you know that cats eat meat?!? Tuna, rats, birds, squirrels…. they are more carnivorous than any human.

    Now, I’m going to leave your blog and go back to mine and figure out how I can start making money with it. Now, that you’ve finally embraced my holistic message of blog purity, it’s time me to do a 180 (or at least a bunny hop or an endo) and start preaching profiteering once again. Must… confuse… the…. masses….

  5. What’s that $1000 guy talking about? His blog is kind of interesting, but he clearly states on it: “The idea is to use the knowledge iv learned from reading affiliate related blogs to make $1000 dollars online.”

    Then, he states here: “The $1000 Affiliate Experiment is my first web venture that I am NOT trying to make money with”.

    Not trying to start a flame war or anything, but I’m confused! Maybe it’s the pulsating music blaring over the speakers here at the Sun Shoppe Cafe that is giving me such a headache that these two statements just aren’t making any sense to me. Very possible, indeed. I don’t think they could make it any louder without causing Trinity Towers to crumble to the ground.

  6. I don’t see any advertising on $1000 Affiliate Experiment at all. I think his blog is purer than mine, egads!

    By the way, the cat in the pic is a stock photo, but looks exactly like our 18 year old cat Emily who eats lettuce, spinach and potatoes. I guess Emily didn’t get the message that she is a carnivore.

  7. Yeah, What I said came out wrong.

    What i meant was that I am not trying to make money with the blog itself, its basically just a journal of my progress through affiliate marketing. I havn’t put any adsense ads on it, I dont write like a robot to try and increase SEO, and I havn’t been checking my traffic stats every half hour to see how many people have stopped by. Its just a casual, no stress blog where I can write down what I’m thinking and what I’m doing in the affiliate world.

    I do admit, however, that there are affiliate links within the posts, but give me a break, I have to do SOMETHING. haha.

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    To be honest, I am marketing my blog for last 2 years. I had some good posts where I got more than 120 comments/post.. But afterwards due to my paucity of time to spare to my blog… my blog visitors came down…

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  9. Purna,

    Uh, you really want me to review your blog? It’s a total pitch with tons of ads. If you’d like me to do a post on it and pay me I would be up for that, but it wouldn’t be too kind. Sorry…

    You can contact me through my About page.


  10. I liked your post. I sure could use some attitude adjustment. Mainly staying focused on my goals and try to work things out one at a time.

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