Is Google Adsense A Dying Breed For Bloggers?

Google AdsenseIs the once grandaddy of pay per click advertising losing it’s appeal for bloggers? As if you hadn’t noticed, none of the major internet marketing bloggers use Adsense on their blogs any longer. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and look:

Darren Rowse at Problogger doesn’t use it.
Jeremy Shoemaker doesn’t use Adsense on Shoemoney.
John Chow doesn’t use Adsense.
John Cow doesn’t use it.
Yaro Starak at Entrepreneur’s Journey doesn’t do Adsense.
CopyBlogger doesn’t use it.
DailyBlogTips doesn’t use Adsense.

Are you getting the picture? A bigger question is, is Google getting the picture? Major bloggers are instead opting to use 125 x 125 ad buttons at the top of their blogs and generate their revenue by making direct deals with their advertisers. No one really knows, but the thinking is that Google gave around 50% of their take to publishers. With direct deals, the blogger gets to keep all the revenue and can in turn offer discounts to advertisers while still earning more than Adsense could produce.

This has been going on for several months now and you think Google would sit up and notice. Darren Rowse explained why he doesn’t use Adsense any longer since his redesign. He says it is an experiment, but his main reason is because he was getting mediocre results. Many have followed, stating that the usual Adsense text links just don’t look good any more and don’t really fit a blog’s style. Darren does say that he uses Adsense on some of his other blogs and it works very well.

When starting Affiliate Confession only a couple of months ago I noticed what the big blogs were doing in the way of advertising. No Adsense, hmm, this most definitely made me think about what to do when the time came to monetize the blog. I generate a decent income from Adsense so I though I’d start using their CPA ads and find some nice 125 x 125 banners to display. The trouble is, there aren’t any. That’s correct, in Google’s large base of advertisers using CPA, not one has opted to create a single 125 x 125 ad.

Now you think Google with all it’s world class marketers and engineers would have thought this through. The 125 x 125 button has been a popular banner for most CPA networks for some time. Why doesn’t Google encourage some of it’s large advertisers, or anyone using CPA for that matter, to use a preferred method made popular by bloggers the world over? This is just a no brainer and I’m completely surprised Google hasn’t figured this out yet.

The fact that major bloggers don’t use Adsense is probably a minor thing to the bottom line at Google. Right now I’m sure they don’t feel it. But all trends start small.

Google, have you noticed?


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13 Responses to “Is Google Adsense A Dying Breed For Bloggers?”

  1. In my opinion adsence is so outdated that I no longer consider it as option to monotize the site.

    The fact that they think they think they rule the internet world just because they are the sole monopoly of internet search engines gets on my nerves.

    They ban people for silly reasons, twiddle around with PRs of websites that don’t use adsense and changed their TOS every other day to suite their needs.

    Those days are gone google.

    All we need is a real competitor, that would make google get up on it’s feet again and start reacting.

  2. I had a look around as well before I started blogging. Where ever I saw adsense the site looked cheap. I’m not totally convinced about the 125’s either, they’re everywhere, you gotta be unique and most sites using them look so samey.

  3. Well if you think about it.. all those blogs you listed have to do with making money online. Hopefully you are aware that it’s very hard to monetize that particular niche, because your audience knows and recognizes AdSense ads (because they run them as well) and have probably trained themselves to ignore them and not click on them. So yes, AdSense isn’t the best business model for those types of blogs (possibly program referrals are better).

    There are plenty of other blogs that are not related to SEO/Making money online that do very well with AdSense.

  4. I disagree the 125 banners are cheaper than the standard banner size, therefore they are more affordable to the new advertiser.

    Another thing I think the big horizontal banners look much much worse than the 125*125 banners.

  5. Adsense does not work on “blogging about blogging” or “make money” blogs. The ads displayed usually pay about 3 cents a click so you need thousands of clicks to buy a ‘fine dining’ style lunch, much less a fancy sports car. Plus the people who read these sites see the same “I’ve Been Scammed 37 Times” type ads on every site.

    Adsense does work quite well on product and service niche blogs and mini-sites where they can easily make $10-30 a day. Multiply this across several sites and you’re talking some real money.

    125×125’s don’t work that well either. People are getting blind to them and they rarely grab attention. I’ve recently switched to using what I call “Big Honkin’ Ads”. While the nice, neat, 125’s looked good they produced a 0% click-thru rate. The big fat ads are getting a CTR between 4-8% and are actually beginning to convert into sales.

  6. Yes I know it is hard to monetize the make money niche. I have a home business site that gets a little traffic and I earn maybe $1 a day from Adsense on it.

  7. […] market they once dominated is no longer their monopoly. Adsense these days is almost seen as secondhand advertising, filler advertising content, because it’s so darn easy to just smack some Adsense code on […]

  8. Adsense is a whole different thing from the 125×125 ads. Adsense can almost be placed anywhere and receive some revenue.


  9. I completely agree, Google could make a new fortune with 125×125 pixels. Too bad, they are too big and too stupid now.

  10. I just blogged about this very topic: http://www.amwso.com/affiliate_blog/2007/12/affiliate-links-vs-adsense.php

    I think if you have the type of site attracting people that are looking to buy (bidding on branded terms, coupon site, review site), nothing can do better than CPA / affiliate links. However, if you have just a general content / niche site….Adsense might do well.

  11. Dave,

    Oh yes, I do have those general content niche sites and some do quite well with Adsense. Blut blogs in particular seem to be moving away from Google.

  12. There are always adsense losers and adsense winners. It is not a generic thing you can predict and the type of blog you run, and… the kind of site you create to run adsense on it!

    Are You An Adsense Loser?

  13. I place 3 google ads on new blogs. I have noticed google will index and rank these blogs higher than without ads. Then after a few months I knock google down to one ad and use affiliate and other ad networks. Googles ads are not very relevant to the topics of the blog and produce low click rates.

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