Taking The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

So you have your blog out here in cyberspace and you just can’t seem to get any traffic. We all know what a bummer that is. Well, you are in luck because I’ve found a way to dramatically increase the traffic to your blog and it only takes 30 days, but the benefits will last long past your initial month long time investment. I’ve seen this happen on my American Idol News blog.

What’s the secret to getting your blog off the ground and noticed in the blogosphere? I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll go into a little more depth this time around. If you want to kick start your blog and bring it from obscurity to the next level, you must, and I mean absolutely must, make at least one blog post a day for 30 days without exception. You also must leave comments on other blogs in your niche at least once a day for 30 days as well. (Spam comments don’t count!)

Here’s a screen shot of what’s happened at Affiliate Confession since blogging for 24 days straight. It’s gone from 5 visitors a day to 180 visitors a day with a high of over 600 from one of my posts getting a good Stumble. The drop to zero on Dec 14th is because I forgot to put Analytics on the updated theme I installed.

Affiliate Confession Traffic

There are 2 reasons for the necessary and consistent 30 days. One will get you noticed by search engines for action on your blog and by readers as a real blogger so they will start commenting. The second will train you to be a diligent and focused blogger.

Let’s face it, everyone knows how hard it can be to come up with a topic day after day to blog about. What you need is a kick in the pants to get you started and keep you going. You should strive every day to write your best post, but all your posts won’t be the most exciting thing you’ve ever written. However, the valuable lesson is in the doing. Once you get 30 or more posts under your belt you should have the skill and more importantly the understanding of what it takes to make your blog work. At least at this point you can determine if blogging is your thing or just not for you because it’s too much work. I think you’ll find it’s worth doing.

One of the things that has helped me blog every day for this 30 day time is that I’m not thinking of posts as an essay or writing assignment, but rather I’m trying to have a conversation with you, the reader of Affiliate Confession.

So I’m challenging you right now to make a commitment to blog every day, no matter what it takes, for 30 days straight. If for some reason you will be out of town or simply must skip a few days because you won’t have access to a computer, you can always take a day or two and write several blog posts and then timestamp (Worpress users) them to go out on a daily basis.

Now, I’m not going to let you off so easy by ending the post here. I’m challenging you not to to be a sissy blogger here. Leave a comment below and let the world know that you are up for the 30 day challenge and you will absolutely commit to posting every day for 30 days straight. Sure, you can say you are going to do it and have the best of intentions, but by telling the world and letting other bloggers hold you accountable because of your commitment you are buying into the deal just a little deeper.

If you’ve already done this and have seen good results, please let us know by leaving your comments.

Are you going to take the challenge? Leave your comments below.


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176 Responses to “Taking The 30 Day Blogging Challenge”

  1. You have made some excellent points and I couldn’t agree more. Getting out there and posting at least one post everyday not to mention comments and participation in group events is definitely a great way to kick start your blog. Or even restart it after an absence.

    Thanks for the comment on the Entrecard Contest post. Nice blog I am grabbing the feed so I can’t wait to see what else you have planned.

  2. Once my Final exams are over on Tuesday. Ill take your challenge and write for 30 days straight!

  3. I am up for the challenge. I am the classic once a week blogger… or I was.

    I’ve read a gazillion posts on how to drive traffic to your blog. And you are exactly correct. The first recommendation in every single post is More, Consistent Posts.

    I’ll also add a related tip that I heard was useful for readers. Post regularly at a given time. You train your readers and subscribers to check your posts and you fulfill their expectations with new posts. If you are all over the map, you may have posted on a given date. In the readers eyes you have missed a day. The best way to address this is schedule your posts and keep the pipeline full.

  4. For about the last two weeks I’ve been posting on my site more consistently than I ever have before and now my Analytics graph looks nearly identical to yours. One thing I’ve been neglecting is making comments on other sites though.

    I went from 20-30 visits a day almost entirely from Google searches to yesterday’s all-time high of 308. A lot of that has to do with a few nice Stumbles and front page stories on Design Float though. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming days and weeks when those spurts of traffic fade out.

  5. Hey Alan, don’t know if you saw my project but I definitely validated your ideas that you must post a lot, and post daily.

  6. Wow, it’s great to see people taking the challenge. I think you will be surprised how much of a difference it will make.

  7. Okay, you talked me into it. Consider it done. Maybe my first post will be about you. It will be hard since I do other things besides blog – and I have a few blogs here, but I’ll do it on my main blog. Does today count? I think it does. So, from now through January 16, I’ll make one post per day.

    The interesting thing is my personal blog is hardly a targeted website (like you would probably recommend).

    I do have a new blog called InsuranceAgencySuccess. So I’ll also do it on there as well. Since my personal blog already gets a good amount of traffic, I don’t expect to see a big jump there, but I do need your professional help in deciding where and how to start putting some of those great 125 ads you talked about onto it. I’ll also be wanting to see how the Insurance one jumps in traffic, since it is kind of unique project to begin with (it is basically an e-book that I’m writing one chapter at a time online in the form of a blog).

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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  9. This is an interesting challenge Lawrence. I like challenges. I just started blogging one month ago, myself, and haven’t promoted my blog that well. It should be interesting to see if I get any traction to my website if I post consistently.

    Here’s hoping I make it through the 30 day challenge! I feel like I’m going on a diet!

  10. Ok, count me in. One concern about posting every single day is my subscription list. I have concerns that they might feel “nagged” or irritated by having a post in their email every single day. How does everyone else feel about this? I have worked hard to build a loyal following and am careful to only post valuable information – not just junk for the sake of posting. Thoughts?

  11. I’ve posted the last 30 days and fully intend to do the next 30 days as well. I’m a bit shy about commenting but I’ll take your challenge and get more active in the community.

    This has got to me more fun than a diet!

  12. Taymar,

    No need to be shy, thanks for commenting.

  13. Very cool post Alan.

    I’m actually finding it difficult to be able to say I’m going to accept this challenge, as it seems like a pretty tough feat for some reason. I’ve been a bit lax with my blog lately, but I think that this challenge may be the kick in the pants I need to make something happen :)

    Coming up with great topics and information is the hardest part imo, but maybe by surfing and commenting on other blogs such as this one, perhaps I will be able to come up with stuff easier, and like you say develop sort of a flow.

    Of course, I’ll have to juggle this around with my other projects 😛

    Ok, I’m on board! Starting today, the 30 day blogging challenge begins! And I’ll start with a post all about 30 day challenges 😀

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    – Tim

  14. Congratulations Tim on taking the challenge.

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  17. I will be starting this 30-day challenge on 01 January 2008.

  18. Congrats Emmanuel for taking the challenge!

  19. I am up to the challenge!

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  22. Hi Alan,
    thanks for your great post, I am taking up your challenge starting today, actually already made the first post about your challenge. I´ll be back tomorrow to read the rest of your blog,
    take care!

  23. Mirjam, Congrats for taking the challenge, I think you will see a difference in the traffic to your blog.

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  25. ok, this is a challenge I am going to take starting today Jan 25.

  26. nice article you have there.. I’ll do the 30 days challenge.. it is really a big challenge for me ‘coz i don’t have PC at home and I only updated my sites every time I am here at my work sitting in front of my station.. and to think that I don’t have work every weekends..

    ahh.. a challenge.. hope I can do it…

  27. Definitely up for it!

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  29. Great article, Alan. As a fairly new blogger, I’m taking your advice and jumping in to the challenge!

  30. Congrats to Jess and Rob on taking the challenge. Keep at it and you will see the difference.

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  32. Hi… Today i am taking this challenge. Just now i registered the domain name. Anyway we will see what will happen next, after 30 days… i will be back to this page after 30 days with my result.

  33. Hi there. I’ve been blogging consistently (daily at that) for the past month or so. You’re right, it became abit easier after awhile. Hopefully I can keep at it. Cheers!

  34. I’m entering the 30 Day Blogging Challenge – great post by the way.

    So far I’ve maintained at least 3 posts per day since launching (I’m a little addicted..) My main worry is that I won’t be able to keep this up, and consistency is important in blogging.

    My blog if you’re interested is: http://www.pushstandards.com

  35. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for stopping by and congrats on taking the challenge. By the way, very nice work in your portfolio.


  36. Am taking this challenge starting today. For February, I’ve done 9 posts already and missed 2 days only. I already wrote down all the future topics in my notepad and noticed that I have come up with a good list enough to last till March.

    Oh God! Am I really doing this?

    Good luck to me.

    Hello from the TUNA CAPITAL of the Phils.

  37. Joel is up for the challenge!

    Hope I have as much success as some of the people who have done this.


  38. Ok, Ok. I am in. I need to get a hold on my blog. Starting the 15th, I am in for 30 days solid!! Thanks for the motivation.

  39. I am taking the challenge. I have just started a blog, and find it hard to get traffic to my blog. I have submitted my site to every promoting site I can find, and still dont recieve a great deal of traffic. I am going to, from this day on, make one or more posts a day, for a month, and see what happens. I will comment again after a month with my results!

  40. bariles, Joel, sukosaki, hambo12,

    Congratulations on taking the challenge and I hope you stick it out, it will work wonders for your blog and writing skills.


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  42. Thanks for the boost. I will take the challenge.

  43. That’s it, posting 30 days straight? Should be easy as pie….. for 1 blog only. Now, the commenting on other blogs, that’s the hard part.

    … does this count as my 1-per-day comment? 😉

  44. Practical and useful. I am going to take up this challlenge as soon as I release my new layout. This seems like a great idea and could definitely dramatically increase traffic across the board.

  45. I am also up for the challenge. I am also thinking of starting a new blog. Hmmm :) Good Luck to all of us!

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  47. It may be two months later but I am starting the challenge today! How did it work for the rest of you?

  48. I am going to take you up on the blogging thing. I am uneasy about trying to come up with a topic every day.
    It will be interesting.

  49. I would like to know how it has been going for those of you who have completed or nearly completed this 30 day challenge?

  50. Never considered that commenting on others site is good for my blog so thank you for that.

  51. Me and my friends at http://trickinghaze.wordpress.com/ think were up to the challenge!

    We’ve started as of yesterday and were not going to lose! ^_^

  52. Hi Alan! I’m a very new blogger, and am continuously learning how to do this… I try to post often, but I don’t every day… My blog is http://megavegalicious.com , about Las Vegas or the spirit of Las Vegas, and so far I haven’t really participated in any related blogs. I’ve just recently launched a contest and began socializing. But I’ll try to take your challenge, and post more often (even if not every single day!), and leave more comments… Thanks for the very good advice!

  53. This has been an active commentary…and I wanted to participate but did not get my blog going till the 29th. So I am in! Although I am doing it as a 40 day challenge…which I am explaining on post 4 :) (I’ll mention your challenge.)

  54. Thanks for the challenge. I did this on a couple of my other blogs but had not done it on my affiliate blog.

  55. i am defently up for this challange. And im starting with this comment!!

    will let you know how i get on in 30 days

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  57. This is a great article Alan. I won’t be taking the challenge as you describe it here. I mostly blog for fun and just don’t have the time to post every day, at least not high quality content. I will be trying to blog once every 3 days though (10 post per month). Thanks.

  58. Thanks Justin.

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    Alan from affiliateconfession.com has posted an article about the 30 day blogging challenge […]

  62. wow…i wanna do this!

  63. I started 4 days ago :) It’s kind of working you can see my blog here: http://www.tfgblog.com

  64. i agreed this is one of the methods to increase traffics. i keep your challenge and now i’m starting post at least one entry per day

  65. Hey Alan great post fella…

    I started yesterday And will be posting my commitment on my blog today… Here’s to 30 days straight.


  66. Hey Alan thanks again for the inspiration mate, I’m on day three now, yeah I know still a long way to go… haha

    Well just wanted to say the challenge cant be done without applying good time management to increase your productivity and efficiency… So be sure to check out my latest post on “Time Is Money – Productivity 101”

    All the best


  67. Does it count if I write multiple posts on one day but save some to publish later? Of course, you can’t really save comments on other related sites for later, I guess.

  68. Really useful, I will begin my 30-day experient from tomorrow!

  69. Great! I just started the daily thing last week — it’s great fun. And coincidentally, I was going to make it a 30-day minimum anyway. But now I can join y’all. Here’s to another 30 days! :-)

  70. Okay…I’m in but I’m going to step it up one notch. I have two blogs going and I’ll make it a point to write in each one everyday for 30 days. So, that’s 2 unique posts each day. I’m pretty good with one blog but the other doesn’t get as much attention as it should! Great post.

  71. I see you have the ability to work for yourself. Often people loose focus and just pass things off with whatever excuse they can make. Comfort is a dangerous and expensive thing!

  72. Great Idea. I will try it with my favourite hobby. Digging Lugworm

  73. Hey! I just started my blog and i loved reading this challenge. I am deffinitely up for it!

  74. Pennyblogger,

    Best to you on the challenge. It will make a world of difference.

  75. I’m set with the posting for 30 days straight. The problem is going to be the commenting. I guess I can try this, though.

  76. So simple yet so difficult, that’s the beauty of this challenge, and I accept it.

  77. Ok ok, I’ll have a go at the challenge. Though I do have very limited use of the Internet, a full study load and a part time job! Still, no use moaning, let’s get writing!

  78. great article, defently got me motivated. IM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!!

  79. I am up for the challenge. See my new blog by clicking my name. Comments welcome of course.

  80. I am up for the challenge as well.
    I think you site is informative, fun, and it speaks volumes that you have a post going back 5 months that still gets comments.

  81. Welcome to the challenge Patrick!

  82. Just what I need. A kick in the right place to get me going.

    Thanks Allan!

  83. alan, i’ve been writing consistently every day since my blog was launched, except for weekends, so i now have 9 posts. hopefully i will the spike in traffic that u did by day 30! also, i will have to start stockpiling some posts so that can schedule them to publish for weekend editions and to also have a safety net for when i can’t find the time to write.

    as for commenting, i’ve been pretty good with that aspect as u can see, i’m commenting u right now! my only problem is sometimes i don’t get any link love b/c authors have their comments set to nofollow. also, i’ve linked to a few blog articles but i never see pingbacks on the originating post, so looks like some authors disable trackback/pingbacks as well: ( they should reward people for their efforts and show some link love!

  84. I’ll take the challange!
    By the way very good blogging style and conversation with the readers. Nice work.

  85. Ooh, you’re good. And you’re on!

  86. Hi Alan
    I will take the challenge, so starting tomorrow I will post every day for 30 days and see what that does to my traffic figures.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog, it helps newbees like me

  87. Hi Alan
    Well it is day 2 now and I am keeping your challenge so far, hope I don’t run out of ideas

  88. Oh its on , like Donkey kong. Seems the 30 day challange is a popular keyword too :)

  89. I’m gonna give it a whirl. I made a new site a week ago ( http://www.epicurean-chef.com/blog ) and I’ve been posting about once every 3 days…
    I’m going to try the 30 day challenge and see what happens.

  90. Nice article, didn’t even know about a “timestamp” function in WordPress. Count me in!

  91. Great Post as always Alan… Super Longevity mate, busy with the challenge and only A-Grade Post Allowed hehe yeah…

  92. I have enjoyed the challenge so far, I must say it is quite difficult finding a subject a day to write a post on, but I have achieved it I just hope my regular readers have enjoyed it.

    I have seen an increase in traffic but not as much as I expected, maybe a few of your visitors can go to my site and see it they can recommend changes that will make my blog more interesting.


  93. Dude i dont have something to write about each day lol.

  94. hello,

    i have already started doing this with my blog

  95. I have seen an increase in my traffic since I started the challenge a lot of new readers have arrived and this really makes one think about writing interesting stuff.

  96. I’m agrred wiht you that you needcommit yourself to post at least one post a day and comment in other blog related to your niche at least one a day.

    Traffic is the “lifeblood” for your online business. Without targeted traffic you won’t success in the online business even you have the best products in the world. Who are going to buy from you?

    Blogging is easy and we can get the ideas from thousand of free sources such as forum, blogs, google, ebay and etc…

    To your success
    Bryan Hee

  97. i have niche blogs attached to my websites for their support and daily updates of its news ….

    i try to update them daily with fresh news and updates for sure … only the days which sometimes left are on weekends .. as m lazy to update on weekends but as m a wordpress user .. i use timestamp to post automatically.

  98. I am taking this challenge, starting tomorrow (today’s post had already been made and doesn’t count).

    Let’s see where this goes 😛

    Kinda hard finding other blogs in the same niche, but I’ll try.

  99. I’m going to try to make this work. I’m a really bad commentor but I will take the next thirty days to rectify that.

  100. Im in.

    I will do this through July.

    Lets see how I go…….
    (1st comment here!)

  101. so hows goin on with the challenge …???
    still no feedbacks out here ……. :)

  102. Post for Thirty Days isn’t difficult. Especially if you have have been constantly generating new audio or video content. I think what has a lot of people think it’s difficult because they look at it like an writing assignment. BE CREATIVE BE BOLD GET NOTICED.

  103. I actually have told myself I will post an entry a day, but since I saw this post, I want to say that I am up for the challenge! I have blogged for 7 days straight now, but i will start the count again. Hopefully I can post with no fail.

  104. I’m in and have started.

  105. Hi Alan,
    Great post. My blog is but a couple of weeks old (first post on 21st July) I have posted something everyday but mostly they are short posts, only 3 or 4 lines long and a couple of slightly larger articles but already I am 3 and 4 in Google out of 313,000, for one of my search terms (free lay tip). Now, your blog is not in the same niche as mine but I arrived here because I was searching for ways to improve my sales through BANS. Do links from sites not in the same niche have a detrimental effect? Or are they just not as effective? Thanks for a great website

  106. Mark,

    A link from most any site is a good thing, but one from a site in he same niche is better.

  107. I’m up for the challenge, I love posting to my blog because it means something new, crazy, awesome or innovative is happening. Which is every minute. I should take a post a minute challenge. :-) Here’s a strange thing, though, and I’d love to hear whether other bloggers get this way… Sometimes I love a certain post or it contains such a cool idea, whatever, that I hate to update the blog the next day and see it fall from that pristine first position…then as I keep writing, it falls further and further. I know we can sticky it, but that’s almost like blog cheating. It just doesn’t seem like an awful lot of readers are going to find it fresh and new on that first day. Then after a while, you gotta dig for it via search or archives, and honestly, I don’t do that on OTHER peoples blogs, so i can’t imagine them doing it on mine. Any ideas?

  108. Alan,

    Awesome info. I try to implement what you said about having a conversation in every post. It works every now and then. Not many want to interact on my blog. Keep up the good work.

  109. Hey Alan,

    I’m on day 26 and counting of your 30 day challenge. What I find interesting is the shifting sands of where I started and where I’m going with my intended blog’s content focus.

    There is a great video by venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, the former self-described marketing evangelist for for Apple Computer back in the 80’s. One of his principles from this video on “The Art of Innovation” states, “Don’t worry be crappy.” Which translated means basically, it’s OK to produce crap in the beginning as long as it’s innovative crap.”

    Here is the link if your are interested. http://tinyurl.com/226zmo

    I want to concentrate my blog efforts on the art of creating innovative online content. How to monetize that content is one of the reasons I read your blog.

    Just forcing myself to “create” for 30 straight days is yielding benefits I couldn’t see at the start. I encourage other would be bloggers to accept your challenge and not judge to harshly their own efforts until after 30 days. And especially don’t judge your efforts against established bloggers. It’s just not an accurate way to judge your work because we aren’t working with the same set of tools and built-up blogging experience.

    Mark McClean

  110. Wow, you got a lot of comments on this one Alan. I agree with you though, that is a great plan and works wonders. You won’t get any attention if you’re not writing much and not getting out there in the blogsphere.

    Make yourself known, write naturally, and let your blog grow organically, it’s a great concept that many bloggers don’t follow.

  111. Great post for keeping young blogger up and blogging, too often they fall short as they see it as an easy way to become rich, the simple fact is that in this race, the turtle is going to win.

  112. I think this is great. I have been reading your BANS info when I came upon this post. I am looking at starting a blog myself and will have to take this challenge….

  113. I’m up for the challenge. Writing is not a strong point for me, but I know that it is crucial in the beginning. Thanks Alan for all that you do!

  114. Excellent post! You have made it very clear what many new bloggers don’t understand that blogging does require a very high level of commitment and dedication . I think the 30 day test would be a perfect scale to test themselves if they can keep up with blogging.

  115. I’m rethinking this. 30 days of blogging and commenting everyday?! This is a hard one!

  116. hey! thanks for the inspiration! i am fed up with paying a bijillion dollars for gas, so I’m testing out new ways to boost my mpg’s. I’ve been blogging about my improvement and have already improved my MPG’s by 3 mpg! 10moremiles.com

  117. Great post! I’m in for the challenge. Hopefully I can come back here after 30 days to report.

  118. As much as I would like to try the 30 day challenge I feel my readers prefer on post every two days, that way they have time to read, comment and take the information in.

  119. I just started the whole making money to blog idea…and I will say my Commission Junction account just hit $40 yesterday from some adds I placed on my site. I took the 30dc with Ed Dale and I would suggest that anyone interested in making any money needs to take the 30dc! You will learn something you didn’t know about interent marketing……trust me!….Look no link to Eds site….(I don’t promote his site……it really works!)

  120. I am up for the challenge, looking for the blog to increase readership. This method seems very reasonable, and though new to the scene, seems that is the biggest challenge to growing a blog is consistency.

  121. Well written Alan, I am writing article to my blog 3 times week, ever since read your article i am about to take your tips to wrtie everyday.Cheers

  122. Hells yeah! I’m up for this challenge!
    It shouldn’t be too hard to find new content to blog about every day because I run a news blog and there’s always something interesting in the news! thanks for the challenge!

  123. I hereby take the challenge!

    Thank you!

  124. *Applauds*

    Well said.

    I started focusing on discipline last month, and since then (33 posts in October and 31 to date this month) I’ve seen my traffic and comments rising significantly.

    The big thing I’ve found is that the more you see traffic increase, and the more you get responses, the easier it is to write!

    Good luck to all taking up the challenge.



  125. I have gotten pretty slack on my blog postings. I did realize that when I was posting regularly (several times a week) I was getting a lot more traffic. This is a great plan, and hopefully it will get my blog the traffic I’d like it to have! :O)

  126. Alrighty! You got my psyched! I’m taking the challenge & am on to go write another blog post. Thanks!

  127. Interesting challenge that I think I can work with. I am up for the challenge.

  128. Well … Monday IS the 1st of the month … so WHY NOT? I know how hard it can be, but I really need the focus.

  129. Hi. Great challenge. I post everyday but I don’t comment on other sites! Time to get in gear and see if this makes a difference. Thanks for the info.

  130. It’s a good challenge and only people that has strong mind and focus can do it.all the best for blogging guys

  131. Wow, you get folks stick with your blog for more than 2 minutes, 2:43 exactly… that’s a great achievement!

    I get mines for about 2:28… lol

    On my main blog I get 4:00+, don’t ask me how…

  132. I’ve been wondering how to get more readers to step up to the plate and comment – and you hand me the secret on a silver platter! “I’m challenging you not to to be a sissy blogger here. Leave a comment below…” LOL!

    Okay, I’m up for it.

  133. Yes that is truem after getting traffic, the next challenge is how your readers can stay long at your blog……….

  134. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on taking the challenge. By the way, very nice work in your portfolio.

  135. No pain no gain, I’m in to it mate!
    I accept the challenge, I will succeed the challenge!

  136. I have started this challenge with a new blog i have and after just 14 days the numbers are impressive. This really does work.

  137. I will definitely take this 30 day challange. I started out with the intention of blogging every other day or on every 3rd day but has during the past week been bloggin daily, save yesterday as I was sick.

    Will write posts today for sure.

    And the first one will be me telling my readers about this challange so you can expect a back link from it…

    So far my google statistics support your observation that frequency of blogging effects daily views…

    I actually did a Google Analysis video of my Blog traffic that I highly recommend to all the serious bloggers.

    check out

    Blog Case Study – Blogging De-mystified
    (man I wish I made that my blog post title)

    -Tobias Fransson

  138. for your info,

    goto the bottom of your blog I get the following text

    not sure if it is an error or duplicate code entry

    I am running Firefox 5.0 and Win XP if it is needed for problem solving issues…

    -Tobias Fransson

  139. Here is the proof that I am entering the Challenge & recommend it to my readers :)


  140. I am all about this I will start on my Coffee Blog: http://www.coffeecupnews.org in the next week or so.

    For someone like me though this will be a real challenge because I include a live video in 75% of my blog posts. Maybe this will force me to come up with relevant content that does not require or include a video.

    Thanks for the challenge! Great motivator!

  141. It’s a good way making commitment to blog 30 days and expect to have visitors and jumping traffic, by everyday blogging.Your on man!!

  142. Alan, great case study. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been wanting to get my blog off the ground in a serious way for some time now. The hardest part, as you mentioned, is in coming around to the realization that it needs to be a conversation, and then deciding who to converse with. Not always as easy as it seems, but has been my biggest source of intertia. For example, I do SEO, but I don’t really want to converse about SEO with other SEOs (at least not exclusively) cause hey, guess what? They’re not who I need to reach to expand my business.

    Thanks for the inspiration and kick-in-the-pants I need at exactly this point in time! I am committed.

  143. I will be taking up the challenge. I will you update on the 6th Mar 09.

    Cheers! Do give up!

  144. I definitely up to taking this challenge. I’ve been posting on my blog everyday now for about a week, and I’ve already seen an improvement in rankings and traffic. Thanks for the tips.

  145. This is not an easy challenge but I will keep trying.

  146. Am taking the challenge and only 3 post per week, since am busy, but i will improve my posting to daily basis and since then my alexa is improving, thanks to this great blog to motivate us all.cheers

  147. Starting March 1st im starting the 30 day challenge, and I’m gonna do it every day. Wish Me Luck!

  148. I am officially accepting this challenge. Here is the post that I wrote announcing the challenge.


  149. Cool, one thing that if you get lazzy one day, slap your face so you want be lazy and you’ll wake up from your dream!!

  150. Hi Alan,

    I will try as hard as I can to post as often as possible. Will ned to do some plan before starting.

  151. Don’t waste your energy but work the blogging one at a time, if you are too exited you’ll burn yourselves in 2 weeks, in my humble experience just do posting 3 times a week, then if your mentally stable you can increase to daily blog posting, I am not trying to discourage but this kind of business is like a marathon running contest, it’s the endurance that counts not a sprint test who is the fastest.Good luck to you all

  152. Ari,

    Many people do blogging every single day. I posted one or twice a day for 9 months straight, but I do understand many people can’t keep up this pace. However, this isn’t what the 30 day blogging challenge is about. It’s about getting a new blog or an old blog that’s been just sitting around, off the ground.

    Many people can testify, including myself, that blogging consistently for 30 days had a major impact on their traffic and exposure, and their overall writing as well. If you can’t keep it up after the 30 days, that’s fine, but the 30 days will be a huge boost for your blog.

  153. @Alan, thanks for motivating advice.

  154. I’m up to the challenge too!
    But what if I write for 30 days straight and still nobody comes..

  155. While I am not commenting to take the challenge, I do want to point out that over the last 4 days I have made a post a day pretty much to my blog. The results definitely show the worth. My traffic went from around 5/day to now 40/day. Granted my blog has been up for a while, I just haven’t made a bunch of posts until recently.

  156. OK, you have peaked my interest. I post 2 or 3 times a day, so every one needs to know that it is not all about posting.

  157. I pledge to post something everyday for the next thirty days
    Hopefully that will give me the confidence to trust myself and my writing of what interests me.
    Very excited!!
    Thanks a mil

  158. Well, I just started my blog 18 days ago, but have made 19 posts until now, so at least my average is above 1 :-). Sometimes I still need to finalize a post before publishing it and don’t make it by the end of the day, so it might happen that I post 2 things on one day.

    But now I keep a “Features” and “Favorites” on the top of the page, so the first thing people see is not left to chance!

    I might take up the challenge in a couple of weeks, though.

    See ya,


  159. haha I will def commit to that challenge. Even though I did think this was a contest you were running.
    thanks for the advice

  160. Am only every two days , but I am doing and preparing to schedule daily basis, and it’s a good way to generate real visitors.Thanks Alan

  161. You are so right! I love this. Thanks! Now, if only I could find the time to actually do it. One of these days, I will. Really.

  162. ok i take up the challenge.

  163. Great tips. I had the same results when I published one blog post each day. Having 30 pages of unique valuable content resulted in a surprising amount of traffic.

  164. Afterward what happens?Did you get 60-70% visitor from search engine?if yes that’s a good sign it means you got strong indexed and links..and people are really interested in your niche.

  165. I’m up for the challenge.

  166. Excellent work on your site – and developing further hits and traffic. It’s amazing what can happen with a little knowledge and work. Excited to see further progress. The 31 Day challenge is a great program to start with!

  167. Just to share it’s good that blogging daily basis will optimize your traffic, and getting it from 60-70% search engine is what people are looking for.Cheers

  168. Hey, just wanted to let you know I really like your blog. One of the best AM blogs ive read. I like the fact that you arent on here claiming to be making boat loads of money like many other AM blogs (true or not). Also like the fact that your ideas are easy t o follow and replicate…

  169. I am pretty consistant with my blogging, but I don’t think i have gotten 30 days straight. I probably get abotu 27 days out of the month. I am going on a trip next week, but whenI get back I will go for 30 straight days.

    I will also try to make sure all my posts are articles, and not video or photo content. Those will be considered bonuses. Also, I have recently added the Do Follow attribute to my blog, so hopefully that will get more readers as I comment elsewhere.

    One final thing, I added a calendar plugin on my page, which helps the readers seek a day and see how many posts were made on that day, if any. That way, if they missed a day, they click that day on the calendar and all posts for the day come up. If you have that plugin, I suggest adding it.

  170. It such amazing challenge and i like challenges. I will try my level best.

  171. I think that blogging and blogging consistently go hand in hand. I’ve done blogging consistently, and I have seen it pay off with m personal blog. I started out with 0 subscribers, but I’ve made at least 3 posts a week consistently for the past year, and my subscriber count right now is over 200 subscribed via email. It just goes to show you, if you do it consistently, your efforts will be rewarded. One thing alot of people need to understand though.. is that it takes time… and success won’t happen overnight, but it will happen overtime!

    Till then,


  172. Interesting post. I’m up for the challenge starting Aug 24th (Monday). The hardest part of this for me will likely be coming up with topics rather than time restrictions.

    If anyone reads this comment and have ideas to share on travel topics feel free to contact me through the site. ^_^

  173. The days just seem to lip by don’t they and it is one more day that you forgot to blog. Great idea to set ourselves the 30 day challenge.

  174. ok great challenge concept, last month and this month I have been posting 1-2 blogs per day and commenting in other blogs, it is surely working!

  175. Great article, i’ve found some useful tips on your site, and i’m just getting started. It’s hard but am trying to do a post everyday for 30 days.


  176. I am only every two days , but I am doing and preparing to schedule daily basis, and it’s a good way to generate real visitors.

    Thank you.

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