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With all the available categories on eBay, you can be an affiliate of theirs and never run out of products to market. There are so many opportunities to be found if you just look around and think about what you do in everyday life. I thought of a good niche today when looking for a USB cable for my Samsung SYNC cell phone.

The trouble was, I couldn’t find one, not at Radio Shack and not even at the AT&T store, so that tells me there must be somewhat of a market online for these cables. I need a cable for my phone, but the only way I’m going to find it is by looking online by either doing a search or looking on eBay. I would like to exploit this niche, but as an affiliate marketer you only have time for so much work. So, on occasion I will share a good niche opportunity I find for using Build A Niche Store and the eBay affiliate program. I might kick myself for this some time in the future by giving away one that turns out to be super lucrative, but there are plenty more available.

usb cable at Keyword DiscoverySo I went checking to see if this usb phone cable niche was even worth the trouble to build an affiliate store around. There wasn’t much search volume according to the Keyword Discovery search tool, but I expanded the search to include usb cables in general and found a large amount of search volume for some pretty good words.

I then went over to eBay and did a search on usb cable to find out there are 27 categories under which this search term shows up for. So if you decided to build a niche eBay affiliate store based around usb cables you would have at least 27 product pages and then you could expand it even more to add specialized sections for cables for specific phones, which was the original idea.

You’re probably thinking, why go to all the trouble to set up a store for items that aren’t that expensive? Don’t forget, with eBay there’s always that $25 sign up fee and I have found that with items that are the least expensive you actually have a higher chance of getting new sign-ups. And of course anyone going to eBay might purchase more than just a $5 to $10 cable earning you even more.

The goal with being an eBay affiliate is to get as many people as you can to their site, so if you already have a hosting plan, all you need is a domain name or you can even use a subdomain and you can set up a new niche store in about 20 to 30 minutes. If you had to build a store based on a product like usb cables by hand it may not be worth, but with the easy implementation of Build A Niche Store, it is well worth your time.

You see, there are little niches like this everywhere, all you have to do is be observant as the world unfolds around you. Take advantage of what you can.


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5 Responses to “Finding A Niche For Build A Niche Store”

  1. About your upcoming dec 23rd post, those ebay numbers don’t extrapolate evenly. 120 clicks might be 120 different people or one person backpaging a whole lot… its hard to tell.

  2. Those clicks are taken from data over the last 2 months so I feel they would extrapolate out pretty close to a figure of $6,500 per month with 1,000 clicks per day.

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  4. I am at a point where I am really getting confused! lol. I am wondering and perhaps you or your readers may have the solution to this. I’m reading on one hand to build a website instead of a blog to make money but wouldn’t a blog find its way faster around the net than a website?


  5. Terri,

    A blog and a website have an equal chance of :going around then net” The important thing is how you use Seach Engine Optimisation and who you link to.

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