Specific Goal For Blogging Or Affiliate Marketing

As the new year approaches it’s once again time to think about what you want to accomplish in this new 365 day period on the calendar. I like to set goals rather than make resolutions because resolutions usually revolve around stopping a bad habit vs getting something done.

But goals many times are very open ended such as wanting to make a certain amount of money in the next year, or wanting to be a more consistent blogger. Goals don’t really work unless they are more specific. Sure, you can want to make $25,000 per month, but how are you going to do that? What will you specifically do to make that a reality?

Making $300,000 in the next year is a great goal to have and breaking down that goal into doable actions, elements or smaller specific goals gives you a much better chance of seeing it to fruition.

I mention the ones above because they were my goals for this year (2007) and they were a bit too undefinable in the way that they would be accomplished. We were working on some specific things, but they really had no chance of creating that kind of income.

So with that to think about, what is your single biggest, most specific goal for affiliate marketing or blogging in this next year?

This year the one goal I’m looking at is to drive 1,000 people a day to eBay through their affiliate program and through Auction Ads. That will be accomplished by utilizing Build A Niche Store and various direct links through Auction Ads url tool. Right now I sending about 120 clicks a day to eBay, well short of the goal, so that’s quite a lot of work to do over the next year. That should equal about $6,500 per month just from eBay if my calculations based on the 120 per day extrapolated out are correct.

Care to share your biggest single goal for the next year?


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2 Responses to “Specific Goal For Blogging Or Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Great points! You must make specific goals.

    Those goals you have are great! I cant wait to watch it unfold. :)

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