Business Goals For The New Year

As mentioned in a previous post about goals, I like to set goals for the New Year rather than make resolutions since resolutions concentrate on getting rid of negative habits instead of looking towards positive outcomes.

So here are my business goals for 2008:

Greatly expand my eBay affiliate association by using Build A Niche Store to put up 10 more niche websites. I will have only 8 more sites to go when I put up my next site today or Monday. This should get me to the goal of sending 1,000 people a day to eBay which should bring in approximately $6,500 per month according to current trends.

Get 1,000 people per day to my vacation site which should bring in $123 per day or $3,692 per month according to current numbers over the past year. I currently earn 12.3 cents for every visitor to the site. The plan is to greatly increase content by outsourcing to writers through Elance.com .

Increase rss readers for this blog to 1,000 and increase traffic to at least 2,000 people per day. At this point I can’t put a monetization value on this because the blog has only been up for about 6 weeks now.

Change the theme of Affiliate Confession to something that looks more professional and has a more unique feel. I have a template and design in mind, but my criteria for the change is to have the blog pay for it. I’m counting on that happening by March 1st or sooner.

When realized, those goals should bring me to an income level of $10,192 per month. That’s not counting anything from this blog or any of the other non eBay affiliate sites I have. There is a trickle of income coming in from those, but my goal is to stop counting on the sites that don’t make money and start putting time into the sites and affiliate programs that do.

What are some of your goals for 2008?


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9 Responses to “Business Goals For The New Year”

  1. Hey Alan, that’s a good list for 2008. I am also in the vacation niche space with one of my sites. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in collaborating on traffic building in the vacation niche.

    Good luck in 2008!


  2. Good luck, I think I shall come up with my list now.

  3. Your mind works pretty much in images. A lot of people do goal setting and often undervalue the amount of attention they need to spend on imagery. I highly recommend people to use their computer along with the traditional “vision boards” technique to reach their goals way faster:

    Happy 2008!

    Semmy Stumpp
    Without Fun There Is No Success!

  4. As far as my blog is concerned, I’m interested, traffic-wise, in crossing the 100k unique monthly visits barrier (I am currently averaging a little over 1k unique visits per day) and, as far as my ebook is concerned, I would like to have it read by at least 50k people by the end of 2008.

    I will definitely build a community around my blog by providing value on a regular basis and rewarding my readers with some great contests.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

  5. 1. Complete my manuscript (I never can get more than a few chapters into my novels)

    2. Build up passive income so that I only need to work part time by writing or rewriting my own content

    3. Leverage my content writing experience (from building the passive income sites) to build a client list so that the part time work is from home

    4. Spend more time with family

  6. Great Goals. :) Best of luck with them.

  7. Semmy,

    Please don’t put affiliate links in your comments.


  8. Alan, I had never heard of BANS before reading your post today. I checked it out and it looks VERY interesting. All the positive testimonials on their website can’t be wrong. Have you already had good results with your first BANS site? ~ Julie

  9. Hi Julie, BANS is great. My best site has been up for about 2 months now and has earned me over $750 so far. That’s only 1 out of about 7 sites made with BANS so far.

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