Happy New Year From Affiliate Confession

Happy New Year 2008 

Just wanted to stop and say Happy New Year to the readers and commenters of Affiliate Confession. I’m thankful for being able to start a blog and get readers and those who comment on a regular basis in the short 6 or 7 weeks the blog has been going.

I’m hoping in the coming year that many more people will read Affiliate Confession and that I can help people get a better grasp of affiliate marketing and blogging. And of course the goal would be to earn some money as well. If you’ve had a rough year or can’t quite seem to get going with your Internet businesses then I have a few stories to tell that may encourage you. There were many, many days I wanted to give up, but instead continued to learn and adjust where necessary. Sometimes adjustments were needed everywhere.

Wednesday all the goofing off stops and I hope you plan on hitting the ground running to get the new year started off right. I plan to as well.

But just as a little aside today, New Year’s day, is one of the 2 laziest days of the year for Jean and I. The other day is Christmas. We have traditionally rented movies and watched them for a whole day or couple of days around these holidays.  Over Christmas we watched the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and last Christmas we rented the entire 5th season and watched it over a 2 day period. Today, actually starting with last night, we will be watching 3 movies, The Ultimate Gift, The Sin Eater and One Night With The King.

So what do you do as a diversion on your laziest days of the year?

Don’t make this a habit, you only get 2 or 3 days for this kind of behaviour a year. Time to get to work tomorrow and build your Internet empire. Don’t be late!


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One Response to “Happy New Year From Affiliate Confession”

  1. Alan, I wish you and your family a great 2008 and am convinced that you will keep up the good work :)

    All the best,

    Alan Johnson

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