Lessons In Perseverance

If you are going to work at home, build a business on the internet or are just looking for something to do to earn some extra money there will be ups, downs and things that just don’t work out like you had planned. Many an internet marketer never gets past the point of their first disappointment because they either quit and resign themselves to a job or they move on to something else instead of tweaking and building on their mistakes.

My fist inkling of building a business and starting to work for myself was my second foray into the world of MLM. (I had been in Amway many years ago, but didn’t really have a clue about what I was doing or had gotten myself into.) While I certainly wouldn’t recommend network marketing to anyone today, many of you may have gotten your start in this type of business and may have learned some valuable lessons in the process like I did.

My wife and I were introduced to EcoQuest International and the idea of selling air purifiers back in late 2002. We thought the business had potential and were quite excited after attending our first of many business meetings. We were sure we were going to be rich in a couple of years. After investing around $3,800 in what was called a Success Kit (pure marketing on the name there) I was not going to let this venture fail. The way this business worked was that you would let potential customers try the air purifiers for 3 to 5 days and if they liked them, you had a sale. I was told these machines would sell themselves.

I proceeded to find out if this was true when the day after I ordered the $3,800 kit, I canvassed my neighborhood drumming up business by going door to door to get these 3 to 5 day trials. What I immediately found out was that even getting a placement was difficult. After establishing the company record of 18 placements before getting a sale I realized these air purifiers would not just “sell themselves.”

Most people would quit before the 5th or 6th rejection, but I determined I was at least going to earn back the $3,800 investment. There was no way I was going to lose money on this deal. In the process we had some very frustrating and rather comical things happen while initially getting started and trying to sell these machines. We placed 3 classified print ads our first month in the business and had a problem with all 3 ads. One ad was not printed at all, one was printed with a wrong phone number and the third was printed with no phone number. It probably took 6 weeks to eventually get the first ad placed correctly.

Another thing we tried was placing advertising boxes in restaurants offering a free meal for people to try a purifier in their home. We got a few trials out of this process, but never sold a machine despite being told how well this worked for other dealers. We had boxes stolen, lots of fake inquiries, boxes thrown away by business owners and we even had someone keep a machine for 3 weeks telling us they would eventually pay for it. We finally had to show up on their doorstep and demand they return the machine.

So you’re probably thinking we quit by this time right, wrong! We eventually sold all of our air purifiers and reordered several times. We also started to sponsor several people and eventually built a fairly substantial business. That of course, had its own challenges which I will cover tomorrow.

The point of this is that, like anything, you must decide you’re going to put serious effort into your business or don’t even bother getting started. While building my EcoQuest MLM business I sponsored people who never ordered anything, never called anyone, never sponsored anyone and never lifted a finger to build a business, yet they supposedly wanted to get rich, or work from home or be their own boss, blah, blah, blah.

I would not encourage anyone to do MLM at this point because of inherent built in flaws in most systems, but the point is this: If you aren’t willing to make at least this kind of effort in whatever you do to earn money online, don’t bother to get started. If I come to your 2 month old blog and you are only posting twice a week I know you aren’t serious. Please don’t quit your day job at Burger King.


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3 Responses to “Lessons In Perseverance”

  1. Indeed, you should always stive to tap your potential, no matter what line of business you are involved in and expecting everything to happen overnight definitely doesn’t help. Patience and hard work is always the name of the game.

    Alan Johnson

  2. Great post. It’s cool that you kept going on. Keep up the good work!

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