Build A Niche Store Earnings Exceed $1000

After writing the post for my December affiliate earnings, for kicks I thought I’d have look at the just earnings for my stores put together with Build A Niche Store and was pleasantly surprised to see that total eBay affiliate commissions since purchasing BANS on September 12, 2007 and through December 31, 2007 are exactly $1,007.

I was thinking that commissions must be getting close to the $1,000 mark and I couldn’t have been much closer.

One of my stores is exceeding all expectations and has rocketed ahead of all the others. The earnings for my best store are below:

Earnings For Top Build A Niche Store Site

I’m pretty impressed with the way BANS has worked out and the ease of continuing to set up new stores. I have 8 stores set up now that are in several different niches and my goal is to get 9 more stores up this year and drive 1,000 people per day to eBay through their affiliate program. I’d also like to find 2 or 3 more niches like the one reported on above.

I’ve been into affiliate marketing for nearly 3.5 years now and haven’t had this much success with anything I’ve tried in this short amount of time. I continue to be more than pleased with Build A Niche Store and look forward to version 3.0 coming out soon at no cost to those that already own it.

You can get more info on BANS here.


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8 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Earnings Exceed $1000”

  1. What methods are you relying on for driving traffic to your sites? Are they all hosted on their own domain or on subdomains?

  2. Hey Erik, Most of my stores are on their own domains but a couple I have added to already existing sites and put them in separate directories. I discuss some of my traffic generating methods here:

  3. Thanks for the quick feedback. I’ve only created 1 true eBay affiliate store and it’s netted me $63 to date over a 2 month period. I was planning on launching some more and wasn’t sure if I should buy separate domains or go with subdomains like myniche.greatdeals.com. Anyways, thanks.

  4. You’ve had me interested in BANS since I started reading this blog. Now I’m so hyped up to buy it… but I don’t have the time to use it! I’m actually pushing myself harder to finish up my current projects so that I’ll have an excuse to order BANS.

  5. Wow! Those are fantastic results. I’ve been hearing all the buzz on BANS but never jumped on the bandwagon… maybe I should have/maybe I will…

  6. WordVixen, The nice thing about BANS is that you can get it started and just let it sit until you are really ready to work on it. Even if you do nothing to a site for 3 or 4 months soome of the pages are likely to be indexed and then you’ll have a base to get going with.

  7. So did a lot of that affialiate income come from your other sites it is kinda hard to see that a blog can generate hat much income but it is greAT YOU MAKE A FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE I am working hard to do that so hope fully I could join your ranks .I am especially working on this site http://livelymoney.blogspot.com/ have a good day

  8. In this case, Alan is referring to the income he’s earned from his stores, not the blog. But as far as blog income is concerned, the sky is the limit: just look at John’s (or Jeremy’s) blog and their eCPM of over $100 will do all of the talking :)

    Alan Johnson

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