I’m Voting For Gyutae Park In The Latest Blog Contest

Blog contests are a great way to increase the readership and branding of your blog and they keep readers coming back to see who wins the big prizes. Well, the latest semi-big time blog contest is between Gyutae Park of Winning The Web and Tyler Cruz of TylerCruz.com and you could win $100 if you get in on the fun.

And unfortunately for Tyler I’m voting Gyutae for reasons that are painfully obvious to anyone. Just have a look at the graphic below for the “no duh” reason I’m voting for Gyutae Park.

Tyler Cruz Gyutae Blog Contest

As you can clearly see from this graphic, Gyutae is a real person with a decent haircut who’s wearing a business jacket and Tyler Cruz is a cartoon character with a gambling problem and poor posture. He also has very shifty eyes.

Now, both Tyler and Gyutae write about how to make money on the web, affiliate marketing, how to get better ranking in the search engines and other business type topics. In light of that, you have to ask yourself if you want to learn these strategies and be mentored by a real human who actually conducts himself like a business person or someone who in reality is just a drawing.

Poor Tyler is sitting there in the midst of a pile of poker chips and strewn about cards just ready to spill a high fructose corn syrup beverage on a very expensive laptop. (Actually the laptop is just a drawing as well, it only looks expensive.) Can you see the results of gambling here kids? What Tyler really needs is lessons from Miss Manners on how to conduct himself properly, not to win some high falutin blog contest.

You should definitely vote for Gyutae to win this contest because the loser has to pay 3 people who voted for the winner $100 each! That’s where the incentive for you to participate comes in. If you participate and vote you could win $100 paid into your PayPal account. And don’t worry about poor Tyler having to pay $300 out of his pocket to those who voted for Gyutae, he would probably just spend it on gambling anyway because that’s what gamblers do.

Read the rules and vote for Gyutae.


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16 Responses to “I’m Voting For Gyutae Park In The Latest Blog Contest”

  1. Hey Alan,
    Haha, that’s hilarious. Nice post and thanks for the vote! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to win that cash prize. Oh and I’ll send you a t-shirt for sure too. Thanks again.

  2. It’s definitely hard to keep a straight face while reading your post. Persuasive though. I’m going to vote.

  3. Maybe he wins some money by gambling :) , but i think if he does so than he could afford some furniture, an Armani suit and he could have some money in those hands instead of those chips which can be fake :).I like his site though.

  4. I like Tyler’s site too, I just thought the contest and cartoon comparison was a opportunity to have a little fun.

  5. What about John Cow vs John Chow? Lol !

  6. Let’s face it, both blogs provide great information on a regular basis and, since both of them are on my list of favorite blogs, I won’t be voting and consider that a draw would be more than fair :)

    Alan Johnson

  7. Louie, Hmm Cow vs Chow could be an interesting combination.

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  9. @Alan Cow vs Chow would be easily predicted who will win 😛

  10. […] wrote a post a few days ago stating why I’m voting for Gyutae and you will see for obvious reasons that he’s the most logical blogger to vote […]

  11. Hey,

    may i use your image? For sure with a link back to your site.

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  13. himbeerfuchs, I see that you already used it, but no problem and I appreciate the link.

  14. […] agree with Alan of Affiliate Confession who has created a very humorous post stating that “Gyutae is a real person with a decent haircut who’s wearing a business jacket and […]

  15. Funny Alan! Also, it’s very impolite to point, which Tyler does with BOTH hands.

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