Finding A Profitable eBay Affiliate Niche

I’ve blogged several times about the eBay affiliate program and even how to find a good niche for Build A Niche Store, but in this post I want to explain how to more specifically find a highly profitable niche using eBay’s own Advanced Search function.

Finding a good niche that will bring affiliate traffic and finding a highly profitable niche are two completely different things. In the previous linked post I explained about how there are probably a lot of people looking for USB cables for their cell phones. A niche like this will get a lot of traffic to eBay and the possibility of getting new member sign-up bonuses, but USB cell phone cables are only $10 items and don’t generate that much of a commission. What you need to earn higher commissions is a popular item that sells on eBay in the $400 to $500 range and above.

Disclaimer: I obviously can’t guarantee what kind of commissions you will earn by finding a niche like the example below. What you do with a niche such as this is your responsibility.

Let’s think of a popular item that sells for a good deal of money. How about bicycles? Hundreds of thousands of bikes are sold every year and many are quality, expensive road bikes, but do they sell well on eBay? Let’s find out.

Go to the Sporting Goods category on eBay and click on Road Bikes and Parts under the bicycle logo. Once you get there, under Narrow Your Results click on Complete Bikes & Frames. Once you get to that page you will see a search box like below. Click on the Advanced Search link:

eBay Advanced Search Option For Road Bikes

You will see this below on the Advanced Search page. Find the Items Priced box.

Advanced Items Priced on eBay

Once you find the Items Priced box, enter an amount of 400 and scroll down until you find the Number of bids box as below.

Minimum Number of Bids

Great, now that you’ve found the Number of bids section on the Advanced Search page, put a 2 in the Min box. Why the number 2? Even though eBay doesn’t allow it, some sellers engage in shill bidding. In other words, they have someone they know, or from a different account they place a bid on their own item to make it look like people are bidding on their stuff. Buyers can be hesitant to be the first one to place a bid and this gets the ball rolling. You want to put a 2 in the box so you will find the true number of items in a category that are really being bid on.

After you’ve done all that, click on the Search button towards the bottom of the page and see what you get.

Road Bikes Search Results

Yahoo, look what we found! There are 187 items in the Complete Bikes & Frames category with a price already over $400. And if you take a look at the number of bids on these items you will see 10, 20 and even 30 or more bids. This tells you that you have found a very active category when you see numbers of bids above 20 and 30. I’d say we’ve found our highly profitable category on eBay.

With this information you can either start your own high end road bike web site, add these items to an already existing outdoors or sporting goods type site or the easy way would be to use Build A Niche Store to put together a store on racing bikes or top of the line road bikes.

Use this info any way you want for your affiliate adventures and get creative using the eBay Advanced Search feature to find even more profitable niches.


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16 Responses to “Finding A Profitable eBay Affiliate Niche”

  1. It is also important that you pick a product people tend to buy right away, and that’s why extremely high-priced products can be tricky, it’s all about finding the right balance between price and traffic. With high-priced products, people tend to do a lot of research, and most will come across your website, take note of it and move on.

    Alan Johnson

  2. I’ve only made about $70 from 1 eBay phpBayPro store, but I’m launching 2 more in the coming days and then if all goes well I still have 5 niches planned out to start.

  3. Sorry didn’t finish my post there. What I meant to add was that I find Niches by looking through http://pulse.ebay.com to see whats popular and being watched the most for different categories and then search on google to see what the competition is and also look in the keyword trackers to see how often the term is searched for. If all looks good, I add it to my list of stores to be developed.

  4. Great how-to guide Alan. This is exactly the information that eBay affiliates can benefit from.

    @Erik – Keep at it with phpBayPro. Combine it with the tips that Alan is providing here and you’ll be pulling in some solid profits soon.

  5. Erik, it is always important to understand that things can’t just happen overnight, keep it up and you are definitely on the right track :)

    Alan Johnson

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone and thanks for the encouragement Bob.

  7. I recently started building stores with BANS and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I need to head back over to eBay and do more research. Thanks for this great post Alan :)

  8. Julie, Yes BANS has that effect on people. There’s so much you can take advantage of on eBay, it can be hard trying to figure out where to start. Good luck with your BANS endeavors.

  9. I’m so glad that I’ve found your blog. You really do offer great information in an easily understood way. This post is a great example.

    I was really wavering over the decision to try BANS now, or wait until my other endeavors began paying off. Today I decided to see if I could find just one good niche using the method you talked about in this post.

    The first item turned out to be a dud and I almost clicked away. But then I tried your bicycle example, just to see the results. While I don’t think I’ll actually use that as a niche, when I saw the kind of results it brought up, everything just clicked into place. I found a half dozen profitable results in areas that I find interesting enough to write my own content for. Now I’m just itching to try it and have decided to go for it now rather than later.

  10. Wordvixen, Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before everything clicks. When I first started with the eBay affiliate program there were so many tools, I didn’t know where to get started. Trial and error finally paid off and is continuing to do so.

    Best of luck with BANS!

  11. Thanks very much! I put up a very basic site last night, and tonight I plan to tweak it and hopefully get a little content up.

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  14. Nice way to find the niches.
    What niche sites your own? plz show us url :(

  15. I guess eBay pulse has stop working and the data they show is incorrect. There are a few tools that give ou the correct highest selling items on eBay. Does anyone know where to get them?

  16. I have started with the Amazon astore to see how well it performs.
    Could anyone comment on how the ebay affiliates compares to the astore.
    Is it worth doing both?

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