Get $50 In Free Clicks At Microsoft AdCenter

Microsoft AdCenterIf you’d like to get started doing some PPC advertising and don’t want the hassle of trying to please Google and have to follow their idiotic landing page guidelines (Does anyone really know what they want?) you can try out Microsoft AdCenter and get $50 in free* clicks.

I’m not the most successful affiliate marketer in the world when it comes to pay per click advertising, but with $50 in free clicks you can afford to make a few mistakes and fine tune your campaigns without risking your own money. I recently signed up for an account at Yahoo Search Marketing, got a coupon for $100 in free clicks and was able to find a couple of niches and earn a little bit of profit driving some traffic to one of my eBay affiliate stores. So, getting free clicks is a great benefit to be able to test things without putting your own cash on the line.

Super Affiliates Jeremy Palmer and Shoemoney have both said that they are seeing higher conversions through Microsoft’s paid search than they saw at Google and reports have show that a higher income demographic of people uses Microsoft Live Search than uses Google. For some reason a higher percentage of buyers uses Microsoft and a higher percentage of shoppers uses Google. Of course in the ppc world we want buyers instead of shoppers.

The $50 coupon at Microsoft AdCenter is only good for new accounts and *does require a small deposit of only $5 to get your account started. Make sure you use the coupon code on the sign-up page to get the $50 credited to your account.

This coupon promotion ends on January 15th (this promotion by Microsoft Adcenter has been extended to April 15th), so sign up before you lose the chance to save $50.


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  2. Thanks for the info…I’ve been looking for coupons for a while…I’m going to start promoting pr…hey..I can’t let the world know!

    Thanks again

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