A Goal Of $1000 In Affiliate Earnings This Week

I made a personal goal leading up to the new year that this week, the first full week in January, I would try to earn $1,000 in affiliate earnings over my entire network of sites and blogs and it looks like the week has started off with a bang. CJ earnings are not posted yet for Monday and earnings are at $196.35 for yesterday. They only need to be at $142.86 each day for the 7 day week ending at midnight Sunday January 13th to get to $1,000.

Yesterday could have been a particularly good day, but the first full week after the Christmas holidays are usually very good for affiliate marketers. People are positive, have a good attitude and don’t mind spending money to get the New Year started off right. I even see an increase in traffic to my travel related sites meaning people are starting to already plan for vacations for the year.

As is usual when having a good day, you get commissions from completely unexpected sources. I have a few lenses up at Squidoo and have earned only a trickle of money from them, but yesterday one of them earned me $32 in affiliate sales. I also tried marketing a few of the ebooks found at ClickBank and built a web site for one of the books I bought about 6 months ago. The site has never earned me a dime and the ebook has seen it’s better day so I never thought I’d earn anything from it. Yesterday it sold an ebook to the tune of $66 profit.

I touched on this phenomenon in a previous post on why this happens. The secret is just working and being prepared with lots of affiliate offers in the appropriate niches. You just never know when a sale may come in. 

Anyway, maybe later today if CJ stats get updated in time I’ll report on the total for Monday. Look for the full results of the week ending this Sunday sometime next Tuesday.


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5 Responses to “A Goal Of $1000 In Affiliate Earnings This Week”

  1. >> I even see an increase in traffic to my travel related
    >> sites meaning people are starting to already plan for
    >> vacations for the year.

    Yeah, I would think that January would be GREAT for travel sites…most people have to request their vacations time for the year this month.

  2. You’ll get it! Best of luck on the sales! 😀

  3. Hm…One thing this has shown me is to keep doing what I am doing. It’s great to have your experience. All the best

  4. $1,000 a week is very attainable. Travel related deals should be picking up in the later part of January. Have you tried emailing? If not, it is definitely something that you should look in to.

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