This Blog Brings More Entrecard Traffic Than John Chow

More Entrecard Traffic

Entrecard is proving to be a good source of traffic for many bloggers and a good way to network in the blogosphere and see what other people are doing. There are also some anomalies beginning to show up in the economy of Entrecard as well.

I am jack’s design has an interesting post on the cost to advertise on his blog for Entrecarders (Did I just invent a new word?) and how he had ads running here on Affiliate Confession and John Chow the same day. Jack also points out that his Entrecard spot is way over valued and has seen a huge jump in the cost in points to advertise on his blog in the last few days. The most interesting part of the post however, is that his ad on Affiliate Confession attracted more visitors to his blog than did his ad on John Chow.

It’s pretty exciting to know that this blog can produce those kind of results for someone, especially over a blog such as John Chow’s, but before I get too big headed, there are probably a few different reasons for happening. For starters, I have my Entrecard banner above the fold on on the sidebar and John Chow has his banner quite a way down his sidebar. For A-list bloggers like John it’s certainly understandable that he would rather sell his top 125 x 125 spots to advertisers who are spending $500 per month than give away one of them for free, but it’s a good lesson on how placement of adverting affects click-thru rates.

Another reason that might have cause a spike in traffic to i am jack’s design is that I had been visiting a lot of Entrecard network sites and dropping cards a couple of days before Jack’s ad appeared here. The more blogs you visit and cards you drop via Entrecard, it in turn brings more traffic your way. You card shows up on other Entrecard members dashboards and just like me they are curious as to who visits their blog, they check it out, drop a card and then click the ad on my site to see then next site. And if they have time like I occasionally do, they rinse and repeat the process until they can’t go any further or find a blog with no Entrecard widget displayed.

More traffic from my site than John Chow’s, to someone else’s blog may have been a one time occurrence, so I won’t be raising my advertising rates any time soon. (They are at $0 right now)

Some might find the whole Entrecard thing a waste of time or be hesitant to sign up, but I can tell you that all the activity in the Entrecard network has proved very beneficial to Affiliate Confession in the area of more RSS subscribers and visitors who stick around and read a few articles.


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6 Responses to “This Blog Brings More Entrecard Traffic Than John Chow”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I think you’re basically right on the money about the ad placement being the number one factor which is why the pricing for sites like John Chow is ridiculous. It seems like until the last week or so the pricing was based more on people’s perceived notion of potential traffic than the realty of what they would be getting.

    I do think I hit on the perfect storm of factors though to get an over twofold increase in price. My ad placement is really, really high and I lucked into a ton of card drops in a short time span. I doubt many people are willing to put their spots so high above the fold like I am right now.

  2. I agree with you that the location of ad determines the click-through. And this is the reason why I don’t advertise on A-list blog for now because the entrecard is always placed much below their normal ad on the sidebar.

    Anyway, one way I have increased entrecard traffic is by visiting other blogs to drop card.

  3. Neat post! Congrats on getting more than John! 😀

  4. Nice post.. I agree that entrecard can bring more traffic..
    I also get 3-4 new readers from entrecard..
    Maybe this traffic low but I hope to get more++ readers after this..

  5. Hi,
    Congrats. This is the reward of hardwork and it just shows that you have to keep working. All the best

  6. Your E-card design is off the chain…Way 2 take down Chow!

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