The 4 Hour Work Week Book Giveaway

The 4 Hour Work Week Book GiveawayIt’s time for another blog contest and since I just posted an extensive review of Timothy Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Work Week yesterday, what better prize to give away than a hard cover copy of the book.

This is going to be the simplest contest you’ll probably encounter here at Affiliate Confession because it’s pretty easy to enter. All you have to do is subscribe to my rss feed and then leave a comment below that you have done so and that’s your entry. If you are already subscribed then just leave a comment and let me know you are. This one’s on the honor system.

The contest will end next Thursday January 17th around noon and I will pick the winner randomly from the comment entries and notify them by email.

Even if you don’t win the book, this is one you will certainly want to read anyway, especially if you’ve been thinking, ‘What am I going to do with all the money I’m planning on earning from blogging?’ You will never look at wealth and “getting rich” the same again.

This book could fundamentally change what you think about money and what you want to do with your life.

Good providience and let the contest begin.


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25 Responses to “The 4 Hour Work Week Book Giveaway”

  1. Already subscribed! Nice contest, I’ve been wanting to win this one for awhile, I even wrote about wanting to read it on my own blog.

  2. been registered a while now..i like how how things are goin, sure learnt alot keep it up. Hopefully i’ll win the book :-)

  3. I just subscribed. Thanks.

  4. You’re on my google page now.

  5. Been subscribed for a while now! This is one of the most down to earth affiliate blogs out there. keep it up Alan.

  6. You know I’ve been thinking of getting this book for a long time, what a great opportunity!

    Just joined your RSS with Google Reader, crossing my fingers :)

  7. I subscribed awhile back. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book. Hope I win.

  8. I think I’m already subscribed. It’s through NetVibes though, does that count?

  9. Alen,
    I just subscribed to your RSS through my Google Reader. Since I already read this book. I can gift this to someone else.


  10. I subscribed when I found your blog. Thank you for the BANS tips.

  11. I’m now subscribed as well. Sure beats the month wait list from the local library.

  12. wordvixen, any rss subscription counts. Thanks.

  13. I’m in, just subscribed to your rss. I’m interested to read this book! 😀

  14. I just came over to enroll. I originally read this post in Bloglines. I have been a subscriber to AC for about 3 weeks now.

  15. Sweet:) I’ve subscribed.

  16. Subscribed to the RSS. I really enjoy reading your very well written articles. Frankly, there’s a lot of blogs that put up “alpha drafts” and then they wonder why people don’t read or subscribe to their blogs … So thanks!

  17. Just subscribed! Very nice contest!

  18. count me in

  19. Just subscribed.

    Nice contest Alan.


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  21. Subscribed.

  22. Nice competition. Just subscribed for email… (already had RSS subscription)

  23. Never won in a contest so I hope I win! Thanks!

  24. […] pick the winner of the contest I added up the total number of contest entry comments on the original post as of about 30 minutes ago, (sorry, you weren’t entered if you didn’t leave a comment […]

  25. Ooooohhhh…. Too bad the contest is over… I’ve just subscribed anyway…looking forward for the next contest

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