Of Sig Pimps, Comment Whores And Entrecard Users

Mr Sig PimpThere’s a small storm brewing about Entrecard and its uses and, more to the point, abuses. A couple of  interesting comment threads have developed over at Turnip Of Power about one top blogger, John Cow, who has pulled the Entrecard widget off his blog and of course, John Cow’s own post about literally dropping Entrecard has a lively discussion as well.

The discussions revolve around people gaming the Entrecard system and running up the cost of advertising on their blog versus the actual value of the ads. I’m not completely sure how the economy of Entrecard works, but it does seem that you can increase the cost of advertising on your blog simply by visiting more blogs and dropping your card. The example Cow points out is the fact that a weight loss blog with around 25 rss subscribers and probably very little traffic is now the highest priced blog on Entrecard.

Regardless of the abuse of the Entrecard system, it still works for those that use it the way it was intended. Unfortunately there will always be people that try and take advantage of a system such as this, but more than likely it doesn’t really pay off for the abusers in the end.

Sure you can pad your ranking in Entrecard by dropping 300 cards a day. But if you are taking the time to drop that many cards per day, you probably are leaving much more important tasks undone. Entrecard is a tool that works in the right situations and is great for getting some traffic to your blog, but you shouldn’t be spending all day dropping cards!

Just like a screwdriver, you can use the tool in several different ways, but sometimes the job calls for a different tool because a screwdriver won’t work. Most bloggers use an array of tools, plug-ins, traffic generating sources and the like to get done what they need to for their blogs. John Cow has decided that Entrecard isn’t the tool for him and that’s perfectly fine, it’s not the end of the world.

I used to belong to the forums at RichDad.com and learned some quality tips on building an online business, but back in late 2004 it became overrun with a couple of guys completely pimpin’ their sigs. They would comment on nearly every thread just to get people to click on links at the bottom of their comments and join their ridiculous mlm programs. I just went back and checked three years later and they are still there pimping away. I’ll bet they’re still working at their dead end jobs and just as poor as they were 3 years ago because they probaly haven’t done anything else besides pimp their sigs at RichDad.com.

I no longer visit the RichDad.com forums and their membership has gone from around 90,000 to 30,000, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others that benefit from it. I just chose not to use that particular tool any longer just like Cow has decided Entrecard doesn’t work for him.

We also see how comment whores abuse the Top Commentators plug-in that many have installed on their blogs. And that doesn’t really bother me because comment whores come and go. There was one around a couple of months ago and now he’s nowhere to be seen. I think he left about 75 comments one week on John Chow’s blog, but he obviously burnt himself out. Regardless of the kinds of people that abuse this system it still has a benefit to those of us that use it wisely, just as with Entrecard.

There’s a comment whore around now and he may or may not be here a few months from now however, his time would be better spent slowing down his trolling of popular blogs, toning down his commenting frequency and putting it into more blog posts, more research on affiliate programs and building more web properties.

One thing I’ve learned from reading lots of blogs is that the top bloggers like Chow, Cow, Shoemoney, Tyler Cruz, Winning The Web, Problogger and others, is that while they probably all have their secret weapons (as do I) they aren’t whoring themselves out dropping 300 Entrecards a day, leaving 250 blog comments a week and making ridiculous forum posts just so people might click on their sigs. They all have legitimate web businesses to manage and they don’t have time for that crap. They didn’t build their brands that way and they don’t manage them that way.

You’ve spent enough time reading this post, go buy a domain name or something and don’t be a sig pimp, comment or Entrecard card dropping whore.

PS – If you like the pimp hat up top, you can get one at PimpDaddy.com

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12 Responses to “Of Sig Pimps, Comment Whores And Entrecard Users”

  1. Great post. Slam Blogger agrees with you 100%. Thanks for the link!

  2. Out of curiosity, did you ever look into how the 6 names you mentioned as top bloggers made it big in the beginning before fame and fortune? Was it gaming Digg, parodying another site, or something else? Also, there is a difference between being a comment whore and taking part in the community. As you said, entrecard is one tool out of many. If it requires community involvement to get 200 readers a day, a decision must be made. John Cow made his decision, and I can respect that without worrying that the sky is falling. For others, 200 readers is worth spending the time, and I respect the decision of those people as well.

  3. I am guessing tha is why google put the no gollow tag. Then also you still have to market yourself a lot ttimes people hate sells people because of their intrusion but sometimes you have to ell someone about a site. Like me I could have the best content in the world with no one reading it .if you comment on something I believe it should be an equal exchange you put a little in someones blog that adds value they give a little traffic

  4. I think you make a good point on how the “big boys” don’t manage their brand like that.

    But from a strictly free advertising standpoint, these big time commenters and card droppers, have your attention. And that they are all viable ways of generating traffic.

    I guess we’ll all see how it works out in the long run.

  5. Turnip, I think I mentioned that everyone has their secret little weapons, but there are some that are more effective than others. Spending hours upon hours doing things that won’t benefit your blog much, doesn’t seem like the wise way to go.

  6. […] guy over at Affiliate Confession has written a post covering the Entrecard debacle. It’ll give you a heads up as to what’s […]

  7. The discussions revolve around people gaming the Entrecard system and running up the cost of advertising on their blog versus the actual value of the ads.. Very interesting.

  8. I love a good tell-it-like-it-is post. So many people get wrapped up in the politics of social networking and completely miss the point. Five strong relationships can net you a much better return on your investment than dropping 300 cards. Get out there and actually connect with people. Post about their blog at your blog. Thank them for advertising at your place. Then you’ll get the type of fame the Big Boys receive.

  9. My blog is listed under the “Art” category in Entrecard. I have noticed that some of the more “expensive” blogs to advertise on have poor content and low traffic. Likewise, the blog Laughing Squid (which is extremely popular and well-established in its niche) is even cheaper to advertise on than my blog (which is less than a month old)! If we don’t just pick the blogs we want to advertise on based on how many credits it takes, but rather, visit the blogs and look at their traffic and content, then those gaming Entrecard are only hurting themselves because who would pay 5 times as much to advertise on a crappy blog?

  10. Myku, Exactly. You can find some very good bargains in your category if you look at towards bottom and find blogs that are just getting established on Entrecard.

  11. Nice post…Yeah, the top commenter does get some free advertising. Why not put all of the valuable time spent commenting towards productive site building / management OR some hardcore affiliate guerilla marketing….

    Yeah, those Entrecards are clogging up blogs.

    (BTW>>If I am ever a top commenter: I have reserved the right to be referred to as “the comment pimp.”) 😉

  12. This made me feel happy, like I was floating on a cloud :)

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