Didn’t Quite Earn $1,000 In Affiliate Commissions

As reported in a previous post I had set a goal to earn $1,000 in affiliate commission last week and didn’t quite make that mark, but came very close. AuctionAds accounting won’t be up to date for another day, but the total right now stands at $941.79 for the week 1-07-08 through 1-13-08. I’m not expecting AuctionAds (now ShoppingAds) to make that much of a difference in the final tally so I’ll just go with the total I have now.

Even though I didn’t make the $1,000 goal this is probably the best single week I’ve had in affiliate marketing since getting started some three and a half years ago. If this trend continues that would bring the total affiliate earnings to right at $49,000 for the year, but I’m actually hoping for much more than that.

I’m pretty sure of the total revenue for this week, but there were some strange goings on with reported revenue at Commission Junction where for 3 hours this past Sunday there appeared to be $550 more in my CJ account then there actually was (I’ll post screen shots probably later today).

I also had 3 days last week where I earned a combined total of $5.99. When you have a stretch like that, you just have to wonder sometimes how the numbers are being crunched at CJ, but there are also those unexplainable buying patterns most of us have probably seen at times. With some of our own products we’ve gone for a week and sold nothing and then we will get 2 or 3 sales literally within 5 minutes of each other. There’s no rhyme or reason to anomalies such as that.

Even though the goal of $1,000 wasn’t reached, I’m thankful for the $941.79 and hope that it’s a good indication of where the year is heading.


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5 Responses to “Didn’t Quite Earn $1,000 In Affiliate Commissions”

  1. Not a bad week at all. That’s quite a bit over $100/day on average which is great. I made $108.52 during that same time span so you beat me by a long shot hah. Best of luck in the following weeks

  2. Excellent job Alan! Congrats on the success. Set your next weekly goal at $1,500 and see what happens 😉

  3. congrats

    keep up the rate 1k a week. its always hard at the beggining. but eventually you’ll just be managing whats working.

    Its just finding what works. so thanks for sharing your tips

    Affiliate manager

  4. Good for you! I’m just getting started with some affiliate sites, and this provides a lot of inspiration! :-)

  5. Congrats… I am interested in doing some affiliate marketing…. Have any recommendations?

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