Weight Loss And Healthy Dieting Are Seasonal Niches

Healthy DietingI didn’t realize how much of a seasonal niche healthy dieting and weight loss was until this last Thanksgiving and Christmas season has passed us by. During the month of November I was somewhat concerned about our healthy diet web site because the traffic was nowhere near what I expected.

I initially expected that people would be looking up healthy recipes because they would be interested in avoiding those fattening holiday treats that seem to be everywhere leading up to Christmas. I thought our traffc would increase in a big way. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that!

Apparently, from the looks of our traffic numbers in December, many people disengage from the thought of eating healthy during this time of year. We experienced about a 12% drop in traffic to our healthy diet podcast blog and our health diet, healthy living web site. We know from personal experience that trying to be strict when there are tons of treats everywhere is a hard thing to do. At the building where my wife has her counseling office, they are known for having some of the tastiest goodies during this time of year and my wife does engage in grabbing something to sample as she passes by the table in the break room. And I too drop my guard somewhat if there is an interesting chocolate dessert waiting to be consumed.

However, this actually turns out to be a good thing, at least for those of us doing business in the healthy lifestyle niche. After the holidays people start feeling guilty and are ready to recommit to a healthier diet. We do the same and say, “No more junk after New Year’s!”

With this new drive to be fit, consumers start googling all kinds of healthy eating and weight loss kinds of terms and consequently we’ve seen about a 30% increase in traffic so far in January to our healthy living related web properties.

I missed the buying rush this last Christmas because much of what I do is not seasonally related, but thankfully, because we cover several niches in our web ventures, one of them has picked up substantially after the biggest buying season of the year. I hate to think that a big part of what we do is based on people feeling guilty, but if the trend is there, you have to work it.

The lesson in all this is to broaden your reach and look for niches that aren’t what everyone else is doing or aren’t apparent from the usual trends. Brainstorm niches that people engage in for a few months at a time and then figure out what they do after those few months have passed by.

People are in fairly typical buying patterns during the first of the year shopping for and buying clothes, housewares, small appliances, things for work like computers, office supplies, etc., and then comes summer when much of everything slows down including most consumer spending. The only thing left to do is take a vacation.

Now, what do you suppose you could do with that information?


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2 Responses to “Weight Loss And Healthy Dieting Are Seasonal Niches”

  1. Well stated Alan…I may have to cash in on some of these trends.

  2. first thing that comes to my mind is going on a holiday or maybe even better, start writing about life in Spain!

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