I Would Probably Never Read This Blog

 I probably wouldn't read this blog.

Being an Entrecard user and in my travels across the net, I come across tons of blogs and some are pretty scary. The design is bad, the topic is bad, the advertising is bad and the writing is bad.

I came across the blog above that fit into the bad advertising category and thought, I just have to blog about this. The blog is located at teledict.blogspot.com (sorry, no link out, you’ll have to paste) and I think I found it through EntreCard, although I could find an Entrecard widget on it. But my first reaction was, egad, that’s just way too much advertising! As you can see there are at least 10 ads above the fold and not one sentence of content.

I can bet you almost anything that this blog isn’t making a dime, unless they’ve found a way to funnel gobs of traffic to it somehow through PPC or some other means. As you scroll further down on TelecomDictionary you will see that they have a whopping 1 rss reader. I can’t understand for the life of me why someone would want to advertise that fact, but beyond that it’s obvious not many people are reading this blog.

I would probably never read this blog because I’d like to see some content before I’m assaulted with 10 ads. Even when you scroll to the content you are then hit with more ads on the sidebar and Adbrite contextual linking within the content. This happens quite a lot when it comes to affiliate marketing and webmasters who run these blogs don’t understand why they don’t make any money.

This is a basic affiliate marketing no no. You have to build trust and give visitors something of substance to read before you expect to make money from advertising. This is only one example of millions, but hey, for affiliate marketers doing it right, this should actually give you hope because it’s just one more case of a blog that most certainly isn’t competing in your niche or taking money out of your pocket.


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6 Responses to “I Would Probably Never Read This Blog”

  1. I’ve been checking out different blogs and I just wanted to say that yours is really easy to understand as I’m very new and overwhelmed by everything. I was on a few other blogs, but some of their terminology is way beyond my thinking. So just wanted to say thanks for keeping it simple.

  2. No problem Terri, and thanks for reading.

  3. Brutal site…

  4. Well maybe I shouldn’t criticise others but yes, too much ads, and very bad design… But you know…that’s a way of marketing too. With your post that blog will get some visitors and maybe 1% will visit it in the future.

  5. I suspect the fella is in violation of Google Adsense policies as well…more than 3 it seems

  6. It looks like he’s made some changes, it’s a total improvement from before.

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