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NuBody SupplementsI’ve been telling my wife Jean for quite some time that if we could find a nutritional supplement company that wasn’t an MLM, that had an affiliate program, that we could do via the web only, that sold organic supplements with no artificial ingredients in them, then we might check it out and join up.

In setting all those conditions I thought I’d probably never be involved with nutritional supplements again. However, I believe we’ve found such a supplement company and it’s even better than all my conditions required, because it has a multi-tiered affiliate program.

All those conditions have been met in NuBody Supplements. I first read about NuBody in a review on John Chow’s site and I was excited about them because of the completely organic and 100% natural ingredients in all of their products. I have looked at several network marketing companies’ supplements including Melaleuca and others and they contain ingredients such as silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide used as anti-caking agents that I would rather not put into my body. I don’t have to worry about NuBody because none of their nutritionals contain these ingredients.

As I was writing this post I was emailing back and forth with customer service for some more specific information and my questions got passed on to the founder of the company. He emailed me back and this is what he said about their philosophy on those chemicals used in some other supplements:

Hi this is Ken Causey I’m the founder of NuBody Supplements, I would just like to thank you for your interest in our products.  Before I decided I am much happier being an entrepreneur, I was working on a Physics degree focusing on Nanotechnology with a minor in Biology, and while studying towards these degrees I learned a lot about titanium dioxide and other “ingredients” that are found in many major products, and what these really do to the human body. That is why we refuse to use them in any of our products…

We normally take very few supplements because we believe you should always get your nutrition from the food you eat in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, we do realize that there are times such as when traveling or if you just can’t get to the store when a good nutritional supplement is the next best thing.

Nubody Organic Health Multi-VitaminOne of the supplements that caught my eye was NuBody’s Organic Health Mutli-Vitamin that contains a variety of vegetables, grasses, sprouted grains, herbs, anti-oxidants and more. Click on the link above and then click the link that says Click Here To View Ingredients when you get to that page to see everything that goes into these vitamins. They also have a supplement called Brain Control that can help you increase your mental activity and alertness, something I need dearly.

NuBody Affiliate Program

With NuBody you also have a chance to earn some money as an affiliate. For those of us with nutritionally based websites these supplements really are the perfect fit. As an affiliate, you receive 35% commission on the retail sale of their products, plus you get a 5% commission for any affiliates that sign up under your account. And if that’s not enough, you get a monthly commission if people are on autoship and there is a 365 day cookie for any returning visitors. I don’t know of many affiliate programs that are better than that. We are affiliate of VitaminShoppe.com and only get a 10% commission on their supplements.

NuBody Supplements is also running a contest for bloggers and affiliates. If you write a post on any of their supplements or the affiliate program you will be entered in a contest to win one of four prizes that include your choice or either a 8GB iPhone, 16GB iPod Touch, Xbox 360 Elite or a Playstation 3 80GB. You will also get a coupon to receive 50% off your first order. They are also having a contest for the affiliate who sells the highest number of units and the winner will also have their choice of one of the prizes listed above.

NuBody Brain ControlMy Own Contest

I think this is a great opportunity for affiliates to make a nice income and I’ve already joined NuBody’s affiliate program. As soon as I get my coupon for writing this post I’m going to place an order for 2 bottles of Brain Control and give away one bottle valued at $50 to a fortunate reader of Affiliate Confession.

Also, if I were to win one of the contests Nubody is sponsoring I will choose the PlayStation 3 and give it away here on the blog. I’m not really into gaming, so I think it would be a great prize to give away to my readers.

If you are interested in making money with NuBody Supplements you can sign up as an affiliate here.


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12 Responses to “NuBody Nutritional Supplement Affiliate Program”

  1. This product sounds pretty good. I liked reading what Ken had to say… Is there any good research on this product?

  2. Do you know if these products are made and manufactured in the USA or elsewhere? By the way, I hope this doesn’t sound like a stupid question but what is a URI when I want to leave a reply? I wasn’t going to ask because I didn’t want anyone thinking I’m an idiot, but I can’t learn anything by wondering, right?

  3. I don’t know if they are made in the USA, but I will have an order soon and let you know. That’s a URL or your web site.

  4. Terri, I just got an email back from Nubody and their products are designed in the USA, the ingredients are grown here, and they are mixed and packaged here as well.

  5. Thanks for the help with the URI, I always thought it was URL. See what I just learned? lol. I am very interested in this product and just signed up as an affilate under your link.

  6. Hi Alan
    I have also signed up for their affiliate program through your link, looks like a good program, but even more important, looks like their products really are added value. That Brain Control surely could do wonders for me right now!

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  10. Hi Alan,
    This is Waisi. I am interested in NuBody Nutritional Supplement Affiliate Program.

    I would like to find out more about NuBody Supplement. What is the website/URL for NuBody Nutritional Supplement ?

    When I am ready to sign up the affiliate program, I will sign up under you.

    Thank you.


  11. Waisi,

    You’re kidding me about the url for NuBody, right?

  12. I would like to know if this is the same product I used 9 years ago. It was called (NuBody – Can’t Weight).
    If so I would love to purchase it.
    I started using NuBody Can’t Weight in 2001 when I turned 50. I was overweight and needed to do something, but I needed help. I lost 50 pounds, and
    kept it off for 8 years. I have put weight back on over the past year because of family issues. I have looked for this product again, but can not fined it in any store.
    Please let me know if this is the same product.
    Thank you.

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