Google Adsense Earnings Over $12,000 For 2007

One of the reasons for Affiliate Confession as stated on my About page is to show affiliates “how to make an honest $2,500 or so per month” because a lot of what you hear about is either people who make $25,000 or more per month or so-called gurus “making millions” from the internet. But there isn’t enough info and a good reality check about how to get started with process and dealing with the heartaches you can end up going through trying to just eek out a living on the net.

Through much trial and error you have to get to the $2,500 per month mark before you can get to the $25,000 mark. Part of that $2,500 mark has been a fairly consistent Adsense paycheck every month. I’ve been trying to bump that up past $1,000 per month, but it has been nice to at least be where it’s at.

To provide a little evidence, my Google 1099 form for 2007 just came in yesterday’s mail and shows my total Adsense earnings for 2007 at $12,349.64. I wanted to share it with the readers of Affiliate Confession to show that earnings of $1,000 per month with Adsense are a real and attainable goal to shoot for. Yes, maybe we can all hope to attain and set goals for the tens of thousands some make in monthly incomes, but this is just a good example of what’s possible on the other end. Google is about 30 to 40% of my total internet income.

Google Adsense Earnings For 2007

Google Adsense Earnings For 2007

On my about page I talk about showing affiliates how to make $2,500 per month, but this month looks like it’s going to be somewhat higher. Income is already ove the $2,500 mark for January as of Thursday the 24th and I’m calculating the total should end up around $3,600 for the month. There are some advertising expenses this month around $250 or so, but January is looking very good so far at possibly $1,000 more than December and Adsense should be up a little at around $1,300 for the month.

Keep pressing on.


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13 Responses to “Google Adsense Earnings Over $12,000 For 2007”

  1. Congratulations.
    My income report on Google’s part only has three figures instead of five.
    We’ll see, if I am able to make it into four figures club in 2008.
    January has been promising start for this year, but I would still have to be able to make little bit more per month to make it.

  2. Thanks for the post and the earnings report.

    I was wondering how the Google Adsense commissions broke down ? Was all of the money earned from AffiliateConfession.com ?

    Anyway, it’s inspiring to see your results and I hope your earnings continue to exponentially increase. Thansk again for the post.


  3. Sal, None of the Adsense earnings came from Affiliate Confession. Our biggest earnings niches for Adsense are travel and nutrition with the rest coming from a variety of other types of sites.

  4. Alan, thanks for the candid response. When you say that you’re not holding back about affiliate marketing or anything else.” you’re not kidding.

    I’m still deciding whether to foray into the blogosphere and, if so, what topic(s) I could write about that would be of interest to readers. Decisions…decisions…decisions.

    Thanks for the honest reply.


    BTY, I like your hosting service.

  5. You’re giving me hope. I can understand earning 2,500 per month compared to the 25,000. This is something you have to work at and when you are new it can get quite confusing. My goal right now is to write something every day for the next 30 days and then make another goal. Thanks for keeping us inspired and keeping things real.

  6. Terri, Blogging for 30 days straight is a great goal and I’m sure you will see some benefits on your blog and in your writing. And thanks for reading.

  7. Very nice work Alan…keep it up!

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  9. What this post leaves me wanting is more info. It’s a statement of income with no details. How many sites does it take for $1,000+ in adsense? How much traffic per day? How much work on your part per day/week/month? Are these blogs, static sites, forums, BANS sites, etc.? Give us more – you could certainly make this into a series.

    thx – hope to hear more…

    – John

  10. Hey John, That’s what my blog is all about, how I earn money online. Read this: http://www.affiliateconfession.com/2007/11/22/how-i-make-money-online/

  11. Thanks – that was a great read! You might consider linking your old articles that explain this in new post (I’m bad at this myself) to bring new readers up to speed.

    Also – can you install “subscribe to comments”? When you reply no one knows it (unless we revisit the exact page we commented, which is rare!).


    – John

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  13. Congrats. That is a great earning. I could not manage more than $5000 :(

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