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Build A Niche Store 

I was just over at the Build A Niche Store forums reading that version 3 is in beta right now and barring any bugs, should be released within another week. The question was posed in the forum regarding a release date on Friday and answered Saturday, so BANS v3.0 looks like it will be available the first week in February.

The most significant upgrade in the new version of BANS is that all the links going to eBay will now be masked to look as though they are going through your site instead of directly to eBay. This will have significant SEO benefits because the search engines won’t see external eBay links on your site, they will only see what looks like an extension of your niche site.

The second significant upgrade for the eBay affiliate niche store builder is that you will now be able to build a store for 14 different countries eBay is in instead of the 5 countries you can now build stores for.  Each individual eBay site for a specific country does require that you become a member of that specific affiliate program. This is because commission structures are different for each country.

The contries to be supported by the new version of BANS are listed below: 

eBay.com – US
eBay.co.uk – UK
eBay.ca – Canada
eBay.com.au – Australia
eBay.at – Austria
eBay.be – Belgium
eBay.fr – France
eBay.com.hk – Hong Kong
eBay.in – India
eBay.it – Italy
eBay.nl – Netherlands
eBay.com.sk – Singapore
eBay.es – Spain
eBay.ie – Sweden

There are several more new features in the upgrade, but these two are the most significant. You can also expect a few more new templates added to the 9 that come with BANS already.

I am planning on a 5 part series that will explain how to build a  store with BANS encompassing everything from how to do a basic installation, to brainstorming a profitable niche, to getting traffic by writing articles and other topics. I was planning on starting this series next week, but want to wait till version 3 of BANS is out.

If you already own Build A Niche Store, version 3 will be a free upgrade.

Get more info about Build A Niche Store here.


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7 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Version 3 In Beta”

  1. I just hope Version 3 WORKS. The current one is buggy and has been driving me nuts. I also hope customer support improves.

  2. I am patiently waiting for the installments in this series, because I recently bought BANS based on your recommendation alone. Can’t wait to hear more…

  3. Neat! I cant wait to see how that works out.

  4. So if I were interested in buying BANS, should I wait until the new version comes out? I’ve been thinking about it after reading your other blog on BANS but didn’t want to get in over my head just yet. I’m still working on my blog and learning what I can from that.

  5. Any SEO benefits from any improvements will be wiped out 12 minutes after the launch. Bans sites are insta spam any way you use them and no widely used automated site can escape that fact.

    Unless! unless you actually write solid reviews and quality articles. I’ve read about 100 bans reviews today, all pushing insta eBay sites to make you rich, eBay will eventually ban this practice if (not if, when) someone pushes it too far into the trash zone.

    Write good content!

  6. Teri – You get the upgrade for free if you buy now, so I would let the next version coming out stop me from buying this one. My policy is to not wait on things because if I do somebody else get the jump on me. Start a store now and then start another store when version 3 comes out.

    Here’s a post I did back on Nov 23rd you might find interesting:

  7. Thanks Alan, I read that post from Nov 23 and everyones comments are absolutely right. I got the message loud and clear. I’ve already got some ideas for some websites so I’m hot on it. My head is spinning but in a good way.

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