Have You Joined Pepperjam Network Yet?

Pepperjam NetworkPepperjam Network is the newest affiliate network to hit the net and I joined up a week ago or so after reading the review on John Chow’s blog. It only took about 36 hours for my application to be approved and I even got a personal phone call from a rep at Pepperjam to let me know I had been accepted.

It was pretty easy to quickly find some offers to start testing out and I added a couple here to Affiliate Confession. John Chow’s review states that Pepperjam started their network with more than 100 offers, but I was only able to find 85 and I joined 4 that fit my business model right away.

I initially had a little problem with one of the offers not redirecting to a page I had selected, but I informed tech support and an affiliate manager and they had it fixed in about 24 hours. I wasn’t too impressed though with the fact that neither the affiliate manager or tech support emailed me back letting me know it was fixed. A minor miscue for a new network that claims to be doing something about “poor, unreliable communication tools.” They do however, have a neat tool called Pepperjam Chat where you can talk in real time with various affiliate managers of the programs you belong to, provided they are online. I doubt most will be when many of us affiliates have late night sessions till 2:00 am.

I’m still checking out the interface and was impressed with the layout and ease of getting around. I really liked the fact that of the 4 programs I joined, all 4 had 125 x 125 banner ads to display. This is the preferred size of advertising for most bloggers and I’ve seen several offers from other networks that don’t have these size ads, which doesn’t make any sense at all. Even Google’s CPA network doesn’t have a single 125 x 125 ad. Now, how smart is that?


Pepperjam also has a neat feature called pepperjamADS where you can display various contextual ads like Adsense from the merchants you have partnered with. You can set up a little widget and have ads display based on your content and your merchants offers. These are not pay per click ads though, so your ads will have to convert before you are paid like any CPA offer.

They do have some unique offers and some that looked interesting were:

Podmaxx– With Podmaxx you can move your music back and forth between your iPod and computer and save your valuable music collection instead of hoping iTunes won’t delete it.

MyNutritionStore.com – Software and an interface to set you up in your own nutrition business with an online store.

Cabin Cuddler – A neat wrap-around blanket you can use for traveling on a plane, in your car or at home. It comes with its own carrying case. My wife would love this because she is always cold.

Jimmy Hendrix Clothing – You got it, clothes in the style Jimmy Hendrix would have worn. If you were a child of the 60’s, or just like the clothes, these are some of the coolest around.

AeroGarden – An indoor smart garden for growing herbs right in your kitchen. Great for those that live in apartments or anyone that loves fresh herbs.

Asian World Of Martial Arts – A great source of martial arts supplies including uniforms, weapons, training videos and more.

Pepperjam has some nice offers and claims to be the “Next Generation Affiliate Marketing”. They also have some nice features that other affiliate networks don’t and who knows, they may give Commission Junction a run for their money someday. I am always looking for offers to promote that fit within my niches, so that’s why I joined Pepperjam.

You can join Pepperjam Network here.


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5 Responses to “Have You Joined Pepperjam Network Yet?”

  1. Thanks for the review!

    I’m glad we were able to quickly fix the bug you reported and I apologize that we didn’t respond to you personally that the bug was fixed.

    Please feel free to reach out to your personal affiliate manager and ask any questions or suggest any tips that you have about improving Pepperjam Network – we sincerely appreciate your feedback.

    By the way – we have about 35 programs in the pipe that will be launched within the next few days. We have another 50-100 behind that.

    Thanks for your support!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Kris.

  3. Thanks for the info, we will go look at it. Hope it provider webservice, A method sync data. The problem is not all affiliate network provide webservice or API. So here we just release a program can do the work for some other affiliate networks.

    Our program gives you Well formatted XML files by claw affiliate network webpages. Currently, we support these affiliate networks: Affiliate Future, Paid On Results and Performics. Still to come: Shareasale, clixGalore, Kolimbo and more.

    Hope you like it.

  4. I thought PepperJam network was run by a series of hot women, from the look of their front page. Very nice and web 2.0-ish.

    I joined a few days ago and will start looking into what they have to offer.


  5. Missy, Yea, it kind of does give you that impression doesn’t it.

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