Getting Results With Article Marketing

Article MarketingArticle marketing is one of the fastest ways I’ve found to get a new site indexed and traffic coming to it almost immediately. With the techniques I’ll describe in this post, I’ve seen most of my brand new sites get indexed in Google in about 3 days and have organic keyword traffic coming to those sites in about 10 days from the time the article is published.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do article marketing and one of the most important aspects of it aren’t followed by even the best writers. I’ve read articles by Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs or similar professionals and if they adhered to one simple principle, it would probably make a huge difference in their traffic and rankings. And this principle has absolutely nothing to do with your writing ability.

I’ll get to this super secret technique in a minute, but first, let’s talk about what an article that you submit to an article directory is. An article has nothing to do with the specific site you’re trying to promote. When writing an article, think about your subject, not your site. An article should never be written to tell your audience how terrific your site is and how they should visit it because you are the super guru in your specialized field. Never sell your site when writing an article.

The purpose of writing an article is threefold, one, to give the reader some general information on a subject, secondly, to position yourself as an expert in your field, without selling, and thirdly, to get links back to your site from authority sites and hopefully more sites as other webmasters pick up your article to used as content on their site.

For a good article example, let’s say you have a travel site on San Francisco and on it you talk about great places to eat, places to visit, museums to see, places to shop, etc., and you have the site filled with Adsense and TripAdvisor links to all the top hotels and B & B’s. When you write and article you don’t want to describe pages on your site and try to sell the fact that you site is the place to go to find the best rates on hotels and places to stay.

What you want to write about is maybe the history of San Francisco and the nostalgia of cable cars, or maybe about the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge or possibly the history of Alcatraz and how only one person in the history of the prison escaped from it. You then want to place links to your site in the writer’s box at the bottom of the article.

So what’s the big secret to article writing that most people miss? It is in how you place those links in your writer’s box. Most article directories will let you place up to 3 live links at the bottom of your article and some will even let you place links in the body of the article as well. The biggest mistake I see writers make is in not using all 3 links and not using anchor text to link back to their web site. They instead just use a simple url as a link and while this will get you a link back to your site, it will not give you the full SEO benefits of having a keyword link instead. It’s not really a super secret technique, it’s just being smart about your article marketing.

The three article directories I use that give me the quickest results are:

EzineArticles.com– This is the best of the best in article directories. It is a PR 6 article directory and somehow your articles are immediately ranked as a PR 6 page getting you the benefit of a quality keyword link to your site. Once your article is approved, your site is usually spidered and indexed in about 3 days to 1 week. Until you write 20 articles it may take up to 5 days to get your article approved.

GoArticles.com – I like this directory because you can place links in the body of your articles and it is one of the only top directories that will let you do this.

ArticleBlast.com – The reason I like this directory is because your article needs no approval process except that you are a member of the site. Your articles are published to the site immediately and will appear on the front page under your chosen category within 5 minutes of publishing it. You can’t get publicity any quicker than that.

My normal process for getting a site indexed quickly is to write an article and submit it to all three of these directories the same day. Some would suggest to change each article around a bit to avoid duplicate content issues between directories, but I’ve personally never done that and haven’t had any problems with this technique being a big benefit to my sites.

Now get to work on writing a few articles and see if you don’t find out the benefits.


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14 Responses to “Getting Results With Article Marketing”

  1. When I Google my name almost all of the results are from article marketing. I agree that it is one of the easier ways of getting your site indexed and backlinks built up.

  2. Hi Alan,


    Unlike many people, I don’t really find inspiration or motivation from all the super-affiliate/online marketers who make 30k+ a month – to me, it is a little unrealistic for someone just cracking into the market.

    But to make 25k in a year, that to me, provides something to believe that this is a do-able market.

    The question is, how long have you been doing this?

    I also read your post on how J. Palmer is giving away his book for free. FINALLY, theres someone who can actually admit what everyone thinks (but doesn’t want to beleive): that affiliate marketing is actually harder than writing a few PPC ads, and whipping out a long sales page.

    It actually takes … work??? No… really?

    I actually did end up getting PPC Classroom, and slowly processing the info. Did you get a chance to check this product out? I’ve also been pretty impressed with Amit Mehta’s stuff (superaffiliatemindset dot com).

    I appreciate your candidness to reveal your income, and give inspiration for guys like me, who have no idea of how to do afffiliate marketing, but dream about possibly cracking the break even point!


  3. Excellent ideas in a short and consise package. I had moved on to other directories, however, you convinced me to give this group another go:)

  4. I’ve run articlesnatch now for 26 months and I can agree with most of what you say here. You are correct in that most people don’t include 3 links (and they should).

    But rather than 3 anchor text links I suggest 2 anchor text links and 1 domain link – the reason is – I have seen unscrupulous people take the articles from directories and remove the links. So if there is one link to a domain – then while the link may not remain readers could still find you if they wanted to.

    Thanks for letting me know about article blast. Our site is updated all the time and our review process is usually less than 30 minutes. So I think its pretty fast for the industry.

  5. I agree. Article marketing is a great way to build links and income.

  6. Nice info. Alan. I’m going to give this a shot. Do you first publish your article on your own site before submitting it to the 3 directories? — or does that interfere w/ the rules & reg.’s on those sites?

  7. Hi Alan, I found this site reading the comments on JohnChow, anyways, you have a nice site. I think if you keep up the current posting pace you will see the same revenue percentage increase as JohnChow and the rest of the ProBloggers! Regarding Article Marketing, you should submit your articles to the ISNARE distribuiton service, it only costs $2 and on average out of about 50 articles that I have sent it brings me about 200 backlinks per article. $2 for 200 approx. backlinks is not bad!

  8. Money Never Sleeps,

    I’ve submitted articles to ISNARE before, but didn’t know about their distribution service, I’ll have to check it out.

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  11. Good perspective on article submissions. The submitted article is about the subject, not your site. But not to forget — the purpose is to get links back to your site.

  12. Good article. I’ve just stated promoting my blog using article marketing and I’m following a very similar strategy.

    Thanks for the head’s up about Article Blast. It’s really easy to use. Have you been including any links in the body of your articles on this directory. If so, how many and I’m assuming that you should not link directly to an affiliate page.



  13. When submitting articles, I have always tried to at least changing the title a bit to mix them up.

    Couple of other article sites that I have used:

    Articledashboard.com & amazines.com

    Both at PR5.


  14. Thanks for the tip about ArticleBlast.

    I respectfully disagree with one of the commenters here about including a linked URL in your article. I think that the benefits of that extra backlink with good anchor text far out weigh trying to get a few visitors from the unscrupulous website owner. I suspect that a lot of these unscrupulous owners just scape their content and probably don’t have much traffic to offer anyway.

    I don’t worry about this at all as my main purpose is getting as many anchor backlinks as possible so that I benefit from long term Google traffic.

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