January Affiliate Income Report Over $100 Per Day

It’s time for the January affiliate income report and I’m pleased to say it is a record for net affiliate earnings and up 25% from last month. Adding to the bottom line by quite a good chunk was the income from this blog itself. Affiliate Confession brought in total revenue of $541.67 last month. Not bad for a blog only 3 months old.

Affiliate earnings are usually up during January and starting out the year heading in an upward direction is always a positive thing. However, I’m taking it only as motivation to push even harder and not resting at all because there is lots more work to be done in a 2 day shorter month.

Total revenue came in at $3,478.99 and after advertising expenses, net earnings are $3,211.68 and breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,317.00
Commission Junction – $606.85
Meal Planner Ebook – $153.00
TripAdvisor – $178.33
Auction Ads – $222.95
Azoogle Ads – $41.25
Clickbank – $615.61
Other Aff Income – $279.00
Product Review – $65.00

Total Revenue – $3,478.99

USFreeAds $36.31
Banner Ad $175.00
Yahoo SM $30.00
Additional Ads $26.00

Total Advertising $267.31

Net Earnings – $3,211.68

Adsense, Clickbank and Auction Ads all had significant gains over last month and TripAdvisor nearly doubled in revenue this month with a 40% increase in actual paid clicks. TripAdvisor has been a very solid performer for me and I see a consistent 25 cents per click once traffic gets there (they pay on advertising clicks on their site once your traffic gets to TripAdvisor). Unfortunately they aren’t accepting any new affiliates at this time.

My biggest single earning affiliate program aside from Adsense continues to be the eBay affiliate program by utilizing Build A Niche Store. BANS store earnings for January were $304.79.

January marks a significant milestone in my affiliate marketing career and one that many strive to attain. For the first time ever, earnings were over $100 per day for an entire month. I feel tremendously blessed to be able to earn a living from home and hope the increase continues.


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16 Responses to “January Affiliate Income Report Over $100 Per Day”

  1. Awesome work Al.

    Yeah, I checked that about TripAdvisor, they aren’t accepting any more aff… bummer!

  2. I also checked out the BANS site..

    Do you have these sites, or did you mean that you promote this product?

  3. Kunal,

    I do both with BANS. I have 7 affiliate stores now and also promote the product. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started in affiliate marketing.

  4. Great Work Alan, I hope to be where you are soon.

  5. Good total income but I have a question: Why is the income of this blog only 500$ , because the quality is very high and I think that you have many readers. Maybe you should try to set up an Advertise Here page. Also, are you using review me or something like that?

  6. […] A triple milestone has been reached on this blog and in my internet businesses. You are reading post number 100 at Affiliate Confession today. I started the blog on November 1, 2007 and started blogging consistently every day on November 22nd and haven’t stopped since. The second part of the triple play is that the blog now has exactly 100 rss subscribers and number 3 is that my affiliate income has reached $100 per day as reported yesterday. […]

  7. 100$ per day, respect. I’ll try this in €, but it is very hard…

    Why don’t use AdWords?

  8. Congrats on the 100 days in a row. I want to be where you are. I admire what you are doing and hope I can keep learning from you. Keep up the work.

  9. Max, I have used Adwords sometimes, but pay-per-click can be very difficult to do good at.

  10. Nice job Alan, keep up the good work… Your articles have made me consider buying a “BANS”

  11. I’ve been slowly moving to the use of BANS for a little over a month. Working my up to 20 stores (cross fingers) by the end of Feb. As a matter of fact I rec’d my very first clickbank check just yesterday. =)

    (found this site via WA)

  12. Congrats, Alan. I read your blog often and appreciate the honesty. Continued success! Jeremiah 29:11!

  13. Wow..great job Alan. Love your writing style and the tips every day. Your blog is turning into a treasure chest of affiliate tips.

  14. please do this every month like John Chow does, I enjoy looking at your figures, it gives me motivation!

  15. […] time for another affiliate income report. This month’s income was substantially lower than last month’s income for a couple of reasons. One is due to the closing of the Microsoft AdCenter affiliate program […]

  16. Great Work Al … I have been using BANS nowadays following your blog .. Your blog gives me everything

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