The Top 10 Reasons You Should Digg This Post

This is BearThis is my cat Bear and it would make him very happy if you Dugg this post. Here are the top 10 reasons you should do that:

1. Bear would not be happy if you didn’t Digg it.

2. You don’t want to make Bear unhappy because he has killed squirrels, birds, lizards and has scratched the hell out of me and if I tell him to, he can at the very least take your arm off. Would you want that to happen?

3. Diggers love pictures of animals and if you didn’t notice yet, Bear classifies as an animal. Piss him off and you will know what kind of an animal he is. Bear is like the Mr Olympia of Siamese cats and would make sissy soup out of Lee Haney.

4. Diggers love lists and this my friends, is a list.

5. Bear is freaky about lists, in fact there’s a list of things I have to do for him every day such as pet him, feed him, clean out his cat box, let him in the garage at night and more, and if you don’t think I should do them, you should read number 2 again.

6. Bear has 10 razor sharp claws on his front paws and there are 10 things on this list, therefore Bear and this list are in harmony. Harmony makes Bear happy and when Bear is happy, the world is a better place. Digg it?

7. Most cats have 9 lives, Bear has 10. More harmony. Bear will use his extra life to survive global warming. Consequently, he doesn’t give a crap about it and drives a Hummer just because he can. I’ve tried to discuss this with him, but it just makes him mad.

8. Bear knows your ip address and if you visit this blog and don’t Digg this post, it would make Bear unhappy. Do you want an unhappy cat with claws like razors? Remember, he can shred your arm like grated cheese.

9. Bear’s pretty blue eyes are really web cams and he knows what you look like and if you are Digging.

10. This post has the word Scientology in it and if I turned Bear loose on Scientology, he would take care of business faster than you can spell Anonymous.

Don’t make Bear mad.


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10 Responses to “The Top 10 Reasons You Should Digg This Post”

  1. Hey Alan,
    Interesting article. I’m curious to see how it will perform under Digg’s new algorithm. It’s a lot harder to hit the front page these days.

  2. Nice try, but not quite as good as this one…


  3. haha.. I never thought of just asking people to digg my articles! Best of luck. I hope you hit the front page!

  4. :-)
    A nice read.
    Sometimes innocence rather than technical brilliance helps.
    On top of it, i like the way the cat has posed.
    …i dugg your “list”.

  5. Please add some Feed Flare to your RSS feed so I can digg it from Google Reader next time!

  6. Haha, Bear is definitely beastly! Best of luck on Digg.

  7. […] marketing, blog contests, lame attempts to get a front page Digg, enough! It’s time to take a break and have a healthy […]

  8. Well, even if it doesn’t make page 1 on Digg, we’ve all discovered that Bear is one awesome cat :)

  9. I digged your Post :) Your cat named Bear is a beautiful handsome cat! I love his colorings. And Blue eyes. What kind of Cat is he? Great Post!

    ~Katie :)

  10. Bear is a big, bad Siamese kitty. We love him even though he is a beast.

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