A Healthy Lunch Idea

Healthy Lunch Idea 

Affiliate marketing, blog contests, lame attempts to get a front page Digg, enough! It’s time to take a break and have a healthy lunch.

Today I’m featuring our easy Thai recipe with vegetable pasta and it is one of my favorite dishes that Jean has whipped up. The sauce on the left is the actual Thai sauce that goes with the recipe and it’s made from soaked almonds, soaked dates, tahini, lemon juice, orange, ginger and garlic and is 100% raw. Use a food processor to mix all the ingredients together into a creamy texture.

The other sauce you see on the right is our raw marinara sauce and is made from sun-dried tomatoes, plum tomatoes, onions, herbamare, garlic, basil, medjool dates and the liquid from the soaked sun-dried tomatoes. Again, all that is chopped up in a food processor and completely raw. We don’t usually make this dish with 2 sauces, but we had some leftover marinara sauce and decided to eat it up.

SpirooliNext comes the vegetable pasta which this time was a mix of, zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, summer squash, red pepper, green pepper, scallions and daikon radishes. You can really use just about any veggie you find in the fridge. The pasta is prepared with a spiralizer or spirooli which is a pretty cool contraption that cuts veggies to look like different kinds of pasta.

This is a nice healthy lunch idea that’s bursting with nutrition and won’t give you that ‘I need to take a nap’ feeling after a heavy meal. I don’t know about you, but when you work at home, it’s way to easy to sit on the couch in the afternoon and take a power nap, especially when you’ve eaten too much at lunch time. A meal like this helps to solve that problem.


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3 Responses to “A Healthy Lunch Idea”

  1. The Vegetable pasta looks pretty good actually. :)

  2. mmm.. If you didn’t know, I absolutely love to cook and this looks savory. All those yummy vegetables are my favorite part to this dish.. nothing like a good ol’ garden medley.

    I’m gonna try this out and post it up to let you know how it came out!

  3. Who doesn’t love pasta… mmm carbs haha. I tried thai food out for the first time this year. I had Pad Thai. I thought it was tasty, but it was really sweet…. too sweet. I ma not really into eating sweets as my main meal. I just think it should be salty, not sweet. That was my first experience, but I am always up to trying new things, I just know that I will not order pad Thai again. This dish looks like its pretty darn good haha and sugar isn’t in the ingredient list!


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