How To Become An Affiliate

How To Become An AffiliateThis is a guest post by Emilia Johansson from AffiliateTips.com .

There are many reasons why you should become an affiliate. Imagine the idea of earning money with your website or blog. Besides the cost of hosting, it costs nothing to set up and as long as you have an Internet connection, you can manage your business from anywhere. Whether you decide to do it full time or just a couple of hours per day, affiliate marketing has the potential to generate a lot of money. What it all comes down to is how much traffic your website has and the segment/service/product you’re promoting.

Find a Good Affiliate Program

Almost any market or business you can imagine is represented on the Internet and thousands of merchants have affiliate programs to promote their presence. Affiliate marketing has become one of the major marketing ways online when you realize that every website is a potential marketing channel. Offering advertisements free for promotion and rewarding on conversion, affiliate marketing has become the source of income for many webmasters. But it may seem easier than it really is. You primarily have to find an affiliate segment that fits with what your website is all about. Otherwise your visitors probably won’t find any reason to click on the ad or offer you are promoting.

If your website is about horses and your ads promote office supplies you have missed your target group to say the least. When you have found the right market that matches your website content, it’s time to find a good affiliate program. Start by going to a good affiliate review site and compare commission amount and type, customer service, brand name strength and marketing tools. We strongly recommend AffiliateTips.com, where you will find over 100 reviewed affiliate programs.

Education Affiliate Programs

What segment you choose to promote is really decided when you choose a certain content or topic for your website. As mentioned before, affiliate ads and website content must match, at least in some way, for it to generate the best conversion and income possible. But if you haven’t decided yet on what to fill your website with, the education segment is pretty hot right now. The success rate of education affiliate programs have never been higher and as a vast majority of Internet users are in a age between 16 and 30, education is a highly relevant topic. If you manage to create a lot of traffic to your website and advertise through an education affiliate program you can expect high conversion rates and nice commissions. As an example College Recruiter, one of the programs we review, offers up to $18 per lead.

Anybody Can Become An Affiliate

To summarize, there is definitely money to be made in affiliate marketing. It might sound like it’s hard to do, but the fact is that anybody can become an affiliate. Whether you will make a lot of money or not depends on several things. In the beginning you should focus on increasing your website’s traffic. If you manage that, you’re ready to start monetizing your site and earning commissions.

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4 Responses to “How To Become An Affiliate”

  1. Nice article Emma — are there any books / sites you recommend before starting affiliate marketing? Or is it better to learn as you go?

  2. *Emilia … (sorry I accidentally called you Emma)

  3. @Andrew Pavelski
    3 free ebooks about internet/affiliate marketing:

    http://www.bigshotblogging.com/ (Big Shot Blogging)
    http://www.quityourdayjob.com/ebook/ (High Performance Affiliate Marketing)
    http://www.caroline-middlebrook.com/blog/niche-sites-wp/ (Build Niche Sites with WordPress)

  4. Nice post, affiliate is the best way to monetized your site.

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