DreamHost Spent The Day At The Beach Dreaming

DreamHost Taking A NapSorry to the visitors of Affiliate Confession today, but I think my wonderful hosting company (DreamHost.com) spent the day at the beach taking a nap like the kid in the picture on the front of their main web site. What should have been a 8 hour job of moving some servers to another data center, turned out to be a 16 hour day of downtime for nearly every DreamHost customer. This little incident affected a lot of people as is evident from the more than 380 comments on their blog post announcing the move in only 16 hours.

This is very typical of DreamHost in that they almost always underestimate the time it will take then to do a job. Over the last year I’ve had sites hosted with them go down 4 or 5 times and once it was about a 3 day ordeal. Whatever happened this time it shut everyone of my sites down and it seemed the same was true for a bunch of other customers. Usually only 2 or 3 sites go down, but the 5 or 6 sites and 15 or so sub-domains I host with them were all offline for 16 hours. It’s a pretty regular thing to just count on doubling the amount of time they say it will take to do a job.

It had been quite some time since the last screw-up by DreamHost and apparently their hosting was getting to good to be true. The job was only supposed to take till 9 am Eastern time, but ended up getting finished at around 5 pm.

They do have a pretty good affiliate program paying $75 to $100 to sign up new customers, but I wouldn’t dare recommend any of the readers of Affiliate Confession do business with them. I do have a reputation to protect.


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5 Responses to “DreamHost Spent The Day At The Beach Dreaming”

  1. Sounds like Dream Host really needs to step their game up! Luckily they aren’t my host…

  2. Hi Alan,
    Have you tried Hostgator? I am hosting around 10 websites with them and I have been been with them for over a year and I don’t even recall any down times. I highly recommend Hostgator. I have been reading you blog for a fe days now. Keep up the good work!

  3. Less than month ago they messed up their billing and now this …
    Couple of my friends are using Dreamhost as their service provider and I always thought that if I ever want to host something in USA (instead of hosting my domains in Finland or elsewhere in Europe), I would go to Dreamhost, but this really makes me wonder about my choices.

  4. That’s insane. I always tell everyone two things…first never host all your sites with one place. Second, never pay for more than a month of hosting at a time (NEVER!). I have sites at 4 hosts globally. For the most part I’m happy with all four. I’ve never had downtime that I know of with a site (at these hosts). Always be prepared, backed up, and ready to fully move any site at a moments notice (just in case)!

  5. I have 3 hosting plans of which all my blogs are with DreamHost. My biggest money makers such as my BANS stores and my vacation site is hosted with 1and1. I wouldn’t dare host everything with one company.

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