Free Blog Review Added To Blog Contest

BloggeriesThere’s still 1 week and 1 day to go in my latest blog contest and the pot just got sweeter courtesy of Bloggeries.com sponsoring a free blog review for the winner. The reviews normally cost $25, but they have generously donated a free one for the contest. Your in-depth review will be posted on a PR 4 blog and you will get at least 2 links back to your site within the review. So if you want a shot at a free blog review, you have to enter the contest.

Bloggeries also has a blogging forum I just recently discovered through EntreCard and boy, what a find it is. I find it amazing that as much as I travel the net, I still manage to come across very popular sites that I didn’t even know existed. The forums at Bloggeries as of the writing of this post contains more than 3,100 threads and more than 15,000 posts, so you know it didn’t just get going yesterday. I can’t believe I didn’t find Bloggeries a lot earlier than I did.

You will find tons of interesting topics on the forums such as making money with your blog, marketing ideas, blogging guides where webmaster Rob selects the best bloggeries (blog posts) from members blogs to discuss, themes and blog templates, podcasting, StumbleUpon advice and reciprocal stumbles and lots more. When you become a member in good standing you can also get some additional benefits from the forums such as being able to show off and post about your own blog. You get these privileges as well as being able to request a blog review after 10 posts and after 25 posts you can actually earn money from Bloggeries. They are a revenue sharing forum and you can earn Adsense income from the threads you start once you get to this level.

What I like most about Bloggeries is the way everything is laid out, the color scheme and forum’s ease of use. I also like a feature you don’t see on too many forums and I’m surprised more people don’t use it.  When you set up your profile you can enter the rss feed to your blog and every time you post in the forum, your latest blog post title shows up next to your name. Between 25 and 30% of the members don’t use this feature and I can’t understand why. If you have a catchy title on your latest blog post, you will definitely get traffic to your blog if you have this feature enabled. I click on someone’s link probably once or twice for every 20 posts I read and I’m sure others do a well.

If you haven’t had a good look around the Bloggeries Forums, now is the time to check it out, contribute and learn.

And don’t forget the free review they’re sponsoring for the winner of my latest blog contest.


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4 Responses to “Free Blog Review Added To Blog Contest”

  1. Good luck with the contest, I found bloggeries a few months back. Great forum for gathering information and asking questions!

    Thanks for stopping in at Soul to Soul ! Skynryd was alot of fun to draw!

  2. Bloggeries definitely has a nice forum. I’ve been posting there for roughly 1 month and have found it helpful!

  3. Thank you for introducing bloggeries. I will check it out regularly.

  4. going to check them out now. Sounds like a great place to get good info.

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