A New Custom Design For Affiliate Confession

Custom BLog ThemeAffiliate Confession is changing. As I write this post there is a new custom design being¬†created for the blog and as you can see to the left the designer I’ve hired is getting his hands wet and is hard at work. The BloggingPro theme worked good to get things up and running and bring in readers, but it’s time for this blog to take the next step.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available on the net, but if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, you must get a unique and custom design. I found this out by scouring the web looking at probably a few thousand free templates and none of them seemed to appeal to me. There were several that looked pretty decent and I thought about trying to tweak a bit, but I know just enough CSS and php to keep from drowning and I’d probably end up destroying the template.

All the major blogs like Problogger, John Chow, Shoemoney, TechCrunch, CopyBlogger¬†and others have custom themes. You know exactly where you are when you visit their blogs because they don’t look like anyone else’s blog, they look unique. That’s part of branding yourself as a blogger and being immediately recognizable to your visitors. Even for the visitors that bounce off your blog coming from the search engines or other sources, they may bounce 10 times before they stick, but when they do stick, they won’t confuse you for any of the other 5,000 blogs that have the same theme you do.

Getting a custom theme done is not cheap, but at some point in your blogging journey you may decide it is necessary.

It was necessary for Affiliate Confession several weeks ago.


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7 Responses to “A New Custom Design For Affiliate Confession”

  1. Looking forward to it. I went the semi-custom route, customizing a free theme.

  2. So who is designing the theme?

  3. I guess there always have to be exception to the rule, because strobist.com is run by professional blogger/photographer and he is still running his blog with standard themes in blogspot.com.
    One good question is also, when does existing template become unique. I started with free template, but I’ve changed its widths, redesigned all images, added footer, etc.

  4. Sorry, didn’t mean to flame. My cat jumped on the keyboard before I could finish my thoughts. What I was going to say was that your blog started out with a lot of promise and you seemed to have a lot to say. But lately it is just contests, linkbait (the digg my cat thing), and what you had for dinner (which is boring when John Chow does it too). When I looked at your list of notable entries the other day, only two were from this month and none were from january(please correct me if I’m wrong). I started reading Affiliate Confession because I felt like you had a lot to say about affiliate marketing. Hopefully you still do but right now it seems like you can’t be bothered and are just trying to be yet another “make money online” blog. Again, sorry for my previous post, you can delete it if you want.

  5. There are plenty more articles on affiliate marketing coming out, I’m just trying to appeal to a larger audience and get more readers with a few contests.

  6. Cool! I cant wait to see it!

  7. Very nice — i’m interested to see the new look.

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