Build A Niche Store v3.0 Update

Get Build A Niche StoreI was due to start my Build A Niche Store series last week awaiting the arrival of BANS v3.0, but because of a few minor quirks and feature issues discovered in beta testing, the latest upgrade has been slightly delayed. I’m thankful that beta testing revealed what needed to be fix rather than letting it be discovered by the end user.

An email was sent out at the end 0f January to all BANS users letting us know that the release of version had been delayed and that they we considering adding a few features not previously mentioned in upgrade announcements. And as I was putting together this post, another email went out to BANS users letting us know that version 3.0 should be out either the very end of this week or the last week in February.

The biggest changes for this new version of the eBay affiliate niche store script is that all urls will be redirected through your site rather than go directly to eBay, thus improving your site’s seo and additional countries will be added to BANS so you can now build a store for any of the 14 or 15 countries represented by the eBay affiliate program. A couple of other significant changes I don’t think I’ve mentioned before are that the admin panel will get a work-over and some advanced templates will be added to the existing 9 that already come with the script.

Since I promised a 5 part tutorial on setting up a BANS store and getting traffic and incoming links and haven’t been able to deliver on that yet, I’ve found a couple of very comprehensive tutorial sites for you to peruse and get a good feel for setting up your own Build A Niche Store. Check them out below:

Watch Me Build A Bans Niche Site From Scratch – The title says it all. John Pratt gives very detailed info in this series on how he’s putting together his BANS site.

Build A Niche Store Empire In 12 Weeks– This is an amazing series and site for BANS users. Mark Hansen makes approximately $2,000 per month just from his BANS sites and he covers the gamut on putting together your site from researching your niche to advanced php mods. Some of these tricks are for more advanced users, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you start tweaking your php code.

Many BANS users are excited about this new version coming out and I am as well. One of my goals for this year was to put up an additional 10 stores and I’ve already put up 2 and the next 8 are just around the corner. It’s time to build an eBay affiliate empire.

Stay tuned for the BANS update.


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10 Responses to “Build A Niche Store v3.0 Update”

  1. Setting up an additional 10 stores? Thanks for the links to the BANS articles and I am interested in your 5 part tutorial. I am going to start setting up my first BANS sometime this year. Once you get a BANS store to start making a consistent amount of money and put in the necessary work to promote it, is there a lot of work involved in upkeep?

  2. Hey Andrew,

    The beauty of BANS is that once you do have a store up and getting a decent amount of traffic, there isn’t really much you have to do. I always want to get more incoming links to any site I have, but I do have one very good BANS store that I haven’t added anything to in a couple of months and it consistently brings me around $250 – $400 per month.

  3. I can’t wait for the new version to come out. In fact, I’ve been specifically holding back on building new stores so that I can play with the new options.

    Of course, I really should focus on actually writing content and promoting the sites I already have, but building is so much more fun!

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  5. You still need to get a domain for the stores, right? I wonder if it matters if you use .com or .info or the other . endings I see when I want to buy a domain. Do you think it really makes a difference as far as traffic to your site?

  6. Terri,

    Yes you definitely need your own domain for a store. Also, I would never buy anything other that a .com domain with no dashes in it. I’ll be covering this a little more in a future post.

  7. Thanks for the great links to the BAN articles. I’m sure your Build a Niche Store series will be worth linking to as well.

  8. i was looking for a script to build a sotre and just found it here on your website.

  9. @Alan
    How do you promote your store? It’s nice income :)

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