The Massive Entrecard Advertising Experiment

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Watch out, here comes the hurricane Katrina of Entrecard advertising. I’ve managed to accumulate 8,000 Entrecard credits by dropping like a madman for the last few days and from mainly buying Entrecard credits on eBay. Yes, there are now a handful of individuals auctioning off their excess of credits.

Earning Entrecard credits is monotonous work and the most credits I’ve been able to accumulate at any one time has been around 2,500 because I won 750, earned 200 for writing a recommendation and I think I had a large amount refunded after someone removed the Entrecard widget from their blog. The rest were either from cards dropped on my blog, credits earned for people advertising and of course my own drops. But now with more than 8,000 credits, I’m going to be buying up Entrecard real estate faster than Donald Trump builds condos and fires people.

The whole point of the experiment is to get as much traffic as I can through their advertising system and see if my time is being well spent using Entrecard. Some time back when I had 2,500 credits I bought 30 or 40 ads and was fairly disappointed with the results, even though I was very selective in purchasing ads. I’m going to be even more selective now, using what I learned from the last experiment or rather, advertising push.

Entrecard has brought me quite a bit of traffic and without doing a full analysis of that traffic, I do believe some of it has converted into rss readers and at the very least, has branded Affiliate Confession somewhat in the blogosphere. However, there are some rather huge drawbacks to the whole Entrecard system. Number one is, it consumes way too much time. Unless you buy credits like I have done, earning them by dropping cards is not an efficient use of my time. The problem stems from seriously overpriced ad rates on some blogs. There are now 3 blogs that cost 500 or more credits to advertise on for a single day, and one of those blogs has a grayed out page rank. (It seems like the whole Entrecard advertising economy would be much better for advertisers if the individual ads stayed on a blog for 48 hours, instead of the current 24 hours.)

Even though I would never advertise on any of those blogs, other blogs in my niche are getting overpriced as well and getting beyond my affordability with the amount of Entrecard dropping I do, or in reality, have time for.

Lets get back to the mad advertising campaign. My goal is to advertise on a total of 100 to 150 blogs and spend every last credit by the end of this week. You normally don’t see any wait times for advertising on someones blog longer than 10 days so the ads should all be finished running 10 days or so from the end of this week. The criteria for picking advertisers will be as follows, their Entrecard widget must be within 2 sidebar clicks of the fold of the page, the blog must have a page rank, they must have backlinks as viewable in Google and they must have at least 100 rss readers. If their rss readers aren’t viewable, then I’ll give higher priority to their backlinks.

Affiliate Confession Entrecard BannerThe campaign will be a success if I get a 50% increase in traffic and get 75 new rss readers. As of today I have 151 rss readers and average 165 unique visitors per day. I will evaluate the traffic at the end of the experiment, but the goal is to have 226 rss readers and have roughly 250 uniques per day by the cut off date of let’s say, March 10th. If that doesn’t happen, I probably won’t be spending much time dropping cards and participating in the Entrecard economy. I won’t remove the widget, but I won’t be wasting time with it any longer. The goal is not to stop using Entrecard, it is to hopefully see the possibility of it, so look for the Affiliate Confession 125 x 125 banner everywhere.


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22 Responses to “The Massive Entrecard Advertising Experiment”

  1. 2000 entrecards for sale for $0.11 on ebay. I give the system 30-60 days before hyper-inflation takes over and makes advertising worthless.

    I will keep using the widget but I do not drop more than 10-15 a day anymore. I would be very supprised if Graham could turn it around and make credits worth something again, or even a more stable advertising system.

    In my opinion, the site is a lot like communism. It looks great on paper and when you first start running with it, but after that it always ends up failing. In all sincerity, I hope I am proven totally wrong and that it is a huge success and everything works out in the end, years from now, but maybe my paranoia has the best of me.

  2. Collin,

    I purchased my 7,000 credits on eBay for $38, so it’s not that hyperinflated, but I am with you on the entire system. Most of the advertising rates are ridiculous and I don’t know how long that’s going to last before people start seeing that it’s not worth it.

  3. Good luck with your experiment, I’m eager to see the results!

  4. I bought lots of credits as well and I drop 300 cards per day trying to maximize my efforts on Entrecard. I’ve learned that to get the most out of Entrecard you need to drop cards, advertise on several blogs and participate in the forums.

    Entrecard has helped me take my blog to the next level. Since signing up, I’ve drastically increased my Technorati rank, Technorati authority, Alexa rank, subscribers and the number of backlinks to my blog. In addition to great content, these are important items to work on in order to receive lots of organic traffic, high search engine rankings and attract advertisers to your site.

    Entrecard has also helped me find several new blogs that have taught me a lot about blogging and allowed me to create some great joint ventures.

    I think you have some realistic and attainable goals. However, I don’t think advertising alone will accomplish your goals. I think that you need to drop as many cards as possible and participate in the forums as well. I also recommend chatting with other bloggers or posting to other blogs and try to create some joint ventures or increase your backlinks.

  5. I’m looking forward to see the quality of traffic you get with this technique. Others claim this type of traffic stays on a site long enough to drop their card and then they are gone.

  6. Best of luck to you w/ the Entrecard traffic and I hope this works out to generate some more RSS subscribers for ya! There are so many overpriced Entrecard blogs it’s disgusting…

  7. Damn… I’ll definitely be checking back to see how this goes. I tried a mini-splurge with around 1200 credits (and knicked advertising on 40 or so blogs)… again, I was not impressed as I received maybe 200 extra visitors from that over the next week or so.

    Getting traffic is one thing, how well that traffic converts is another. Should be an interesting experiment :)

  8. I’ve noticed a little bit of traffic but I don’t have alot of time to drop cards so I’m interested to see how this works out.

  9. I’ve just learned about entrecard. It sounds like the consensus is that it isn’t worth it. Should I continue looking into it?

  10. Good luck with your experiment. Hope it works out well. But 2000 entrecards for $0,38 :s

  11. I’ll also try this, maybe it can really boast massive traffic and bring some interesting result. thanks…

  12. I just started using your RSS today, but it’s not because of this promo. I might skew your numbers a little.

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  14. Yeah, best of luck. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

  15. i joined but i am not very active on their website.

  16. I just approved your ad. It’ll be nice to see one of my favorite blogs there!

  17. Thanks Bloggrrl!

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  20. here you can download free Entrecard cards


    this is not spam :)

  21. My experience with this whole Entrecard system is that is absolutely not worth the effort. I’ll be checking this blog to see how you’re doing though. Have fun :).

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